1st Letter from the Missionary Training Center.

Hey!!! So wow we haven't had time to even breathe really. Our p-day is today, but we only get an hour for email and stuff so I'm trying to get everything I can in! The MTC is amazing!! I'll send you more details that I can't fit into computer time on letters I can write while I do my laundry... I loved the package by the way! I got it Monday and it was super awesome. Go on dearelder.com to send me "letters". You type it out like an email and the people at the mtc print it and give it to me that same day. It's much better than email because I can hear from you all the time. You can send me multiple a day if you really wanted haha. Just please tell everyone to write me. The MTC and I have a love/hate relationship haha. The first few days were super stressful. We have a super tight schedule..literally 0 downtime. I love my companions..I'm in a trio actually. Sis Judd and Sis Simpson. It's kind of hard balancing a trio, but it can be a blessing in a way because we all help each other a ton. Something that made everything way less stressful was simply to rely on the Spirit. Everyone tells you that from the get-go but nerves and other things get in the way. Before we planned our lessons to the sentance, but just a few days ago we decided to completely let the Spirit take over and our lessons have gone so much better. My district is AMAZING. We all get along super well and our elders are like our brothers. You really lose your identity here, it's a weird feeling. It's just because we are transitioning to be representatives of Christ. It's also strange having the Spirit with you ALL day. It makes you want to never ever do anything to take it away. I guess you could say I'm already getting awkward haha like movies and music would be way offensive to the Spirit. It's super exciting to be here with all these missionaries. They come from everywhere. I'm super rambling, but trying to get a whole week into one hour haha. The teachers here are incredible. One of my teachers- Bro Makahilahila I swear is going to be a general authority someday. It's true that we do a TON of role play, but I've learned to really love it. One of our teachers said to think of it as similar to doing ordinances for people..we are trying to see how the investigator would feel and also as the missionary how they feel. It helps a lot with teaching and really loving the people. We've had so many like super spiritual moments. On Sunday- fathers day we watched Music and the Spoken word which was incredible!! I haven't really been awfully homesick only because literally I have felt prayers pulling me through every minute of every day. Before dad even told me he was praying for me like that, I knew. So during music and the spoken word was the only time I got really homesick because it was all about Father's Day. But all the meetings were super amazing, it's so inspiring to see how many of us there are. Oh I was called to be a Sister Training Leader!!-which is the equivalent to a zone leader but for the girls. I was super humbled but so excitied. I also went to the temple today and that was so amazing. Seriously that has been the most relaxing, in fact the only relaxing moment here haha. It's hard work- mentally- but God wants me to succeed so I've been getting a ton of help. Really being here has made me so excited to share with every possible person I can talk to. I'm sure you want to hear about everything so I'll try. Ok so it's super crammed here. 6 to a tiny room for bedtime but luckily we don't spend any time except sleeping in there. Then we spend most of our day in class learning and role playing. We have people come in and pretend to be real investigators like we teach them real full lessons, schedule more times, and follow up like real life. I have gotten worlds better in just a few days. I can't even imagine how easy it will be to give talks when I come home. The food isn't awful, but it's pretty bad. It's mostly super unhealthy stuff- I swear they have burgers every meal! I've kinda made it, but my stomach and heartburn really doesn't like this food AT ALL. It's amazing how fast time goes by and how much I love just reading the scriptures. I could do that all day so I actually get really annoyed when it's time to stop and go eat haha. Exercise time has been a huge help just feeling a little free because we are literally gated in. I've seen Stephen Benson and Kaylie and Cory Griffes!! Like I've seen so many people here, and I wish I had time to post pictures!! I will as soon as I find time I promise. But my companions are great. I especially love Sis Judd. She's actually 22 and finished 4 years of nursing at BYU so she has one year left. She's been able to talk to me about it a lot and I really think it would be something I'm really interested in. It's amazing how much I don't care about missing my phone/computer or anything else. I haven't had any withdraws and I've been sleeping like a baby mostly because I'm so tired. The leaders here are so super sweet. Umm oh yeah so I leave for Dallas on the 24th!! which means I get to see the prophet!!!!!!! The missionaries get special seating and we have to go like 2 hours before. We have 7 sisters in our district and 5 elders. We are all super close and in our zone we have new sisters coming today that I'm over! Um ok so when I leave for Dallas I'm allowed to call home at the airport!! I'm guessing I'll call around 6 your time...so be ready? haha. I'll have to send whatever I forgot in a letter. I LOVE YOUUUUUUU! <3 so much. Keep praying for me. I'm learning so much and loving it. Sister Dalling