THIS IS MY LAST WEEK!! From Plano, Texas

Hey everyone!!!
I can't believe it. Next week there probably won't be a ton of an update but I'll be home soo soon :)

I kind of have a crazy update so hang on! Please don't worry about me, I am doing more than great. 
So basically we lost our car in Plano :( They needed it for another area and our apartment is too far. Sister Acton and I are with different Sister Training Leader comps for the time being. I'm with Sister Gavin and Sister Peterson! They are AMAZING and I love them so much. I'm having a ton of fun with them in Garland. Garland has soo much work. We taught 20 lessons! 10 LTMP's- which I haven't done for a long time. The investigators and members here are so great. 
It's hard to be away from Plano, I miss my area, but it looks like Elders Maloney and Crandell are going to take over which is a good thing because we had to drive 20 minutes every day to just get to our area. President Taylor reassured me I'd get to say goodbye to everyone. They'll find a way! Right now it looks like I'll be spending Wednesday, Sunday and Monday in Plano. Crazy situation and its a bit stressful, nobody really knows what's going on, but it happens! I'm just in this weird limbo part of my life, but it's been an adventure. I can feel my Father with me every step of the way though. 

In Garland we're teaching soo many people! I can't tell you about all of them, but I'll give you some highlights.
James. He is so great! He's kind of a hard core black baptist and is SO funny! His ex wife and kids are Mormon. He is the typical investigator I've always dreamed of teaching! He is basically a black version of someone named Brother Lucas who is a service missionary. He'll be baptized soon enough! He came to church which was a miracle and watched the Christmas Devo with us at a member's home. Speaking of the devotional.... President Durrant said the closing prayer!!! I love him sooo much. Not going to lie, my eyes were open the whole prayer. I miss the Durrants.
Dean- he looks so much like John Cook! He's in his 80s and it took me right back to my days in The Colony. He came to the ward's Christmas party we had on Saturday. 

I love being a missionary during this Season! We get to do so many fun things with the ward and members. The best part is we get to share the message of the gospel and of Jesus Christ! It has been so great to use the "He is the Gift" initiative. I really love that video and we are sharing it with everyone!! 

We have seen so many miracles this week and it has been so great to be with these sisters. I even got to spend some time with Sister Nance! I'm sad I don't get to fully finish my mission in Plano but we are being so blessed for the situation we are in. I am so ready to work my butt off this week. I am so insanely tired but I want to give my all this week. A midst all that is going on in my life, working is the only medicine. I have loved being able to serve here in Texas. It has and will forever change my life. 

I'm so excited to be home and to see and hug everyone!!! 
I'll try to send pics but if I don't..... I'll be home soon anyways and I'll just upload them then. 

Love you sooo much!!!!!!

Sister Dalling