Going to Sachse, TX! (Week 30)

Well everyone, my transfer call came. I am going to a small town called Sachse, pronounced Saxee. My new companion is Sister Stephenson and I really am excited to be companions with her. I've met her a few times and our personalities go really well together. I'm going to be senior companion, so that will be different! Wish me luck!

I really don't have much time today. It was an incredible week though. It was a great way to leave The Colony. We found 12 new investigators last week and many of them were families. We have been literally led by the Spirit to these people- it is incredible. One major update.. remember the one who needed help around Christmas and was a little dishonest with her intent? Well her heart has changed! She called us from a different phone since she disconnected the last one and we went over and talked with her and taught her. She is a single mother of 4 who has had the worst year I could imagine. She was desperate, but she needs the gospel even more so than money. We taught her and her kids three times last week. They are all sponges for it. She has incredibly strong kids. They range from 9-14. And they are getting baptized February 22! So please keep them in your prayers as they really need an improved living situation and strength as they learn about the gospel. I am so grateful that they are in my life.

My heart is full as I'm preparing to leave The Colony. I said most of my goodbyes yesterday and I have a few more to say today, including John. I feel extremely strengthened through your prayers and through The Lord though. I know He has great plans for me. I know He will be with me wherever I go. I read the words to "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go" this morning and the third verse simply struck my heart. I love those words!

Thank you for all your support. I'll have lots of pictures next week! I'll send my new address as soon as the Sachse sisters reply.

All my Love,

Sister Kristina Dalling