Week 17 from The Colony, Texas

Halloween Costume...this picture is good enough to be blackmail haha

these are my best friends- Elder Rowland and Elder Wells


John Cook and his box (see description below)

Byron :)

Hmm I can't even express how great of a month it's been. But first and foremost:

Happy Birthday Grandpa Dalling!! I absolutely love you. More than a million m&ms. You are such an incredible person. Thank you so much for everything you are to me. I miss you a ton, but we both know I'm where I'm meant to be. When I get back though, I owe you a huge birthday hug. Promise! 

And Happy Anniversary to my wonderful Leatham Grandparents. My goodness, I have the best grandparents with the cutest love stories. You're such an inspiration to me. What a legacy you've created simply by falling in love more than 50 years ago. I love you both so much. 

Byron's baptism was on Saturday! It was pretty amazing. The really special thing about this baptism is I practically lived it a year ago. It's strange being in the role of the missionary now with almost the same story. Byron's girlfriend, Michelle, is just incredible! They both have spoiled us so much. They work at Cheesecake Factory, so yes they definitely took us there a couple weeks ago. Byron is so amazing. I feel so honored I've been able to teach him and be apart of this experience for him. He's also an amazing soccer player, so on Wednesday we are going to one of his games. His baptism was so good! I sang "I Know that my Redeemer Lives" and Michelle and her sister spoke. Michelle's brother in law baptized him. I love them! They took US out to lunch after- they really do spoil us. 

Sunday was a little crazy. We got John and Shirlene to church! It was quite the task though. We had to go pick John up from the rehabilitation center- they dressed him up for church, but Shirlene forgot his black socks and suit jacket from home so we had to drive all the way back to her house because he is super classy and refuses to go to church without them. Anyways it took a really long time and we helped him get ready and we were only 20 minutes late for church. He still got the sacrament so that's the important part! He absolutely loved church. And so did Shirlene! She hadn't been in a church since she was a little girl. Earlier that week we went to spend some time with her and listened to my favorite, Sonatra, on her record player. We also looked through John's box of pictures/letters/keepsakes from the 1940s. There's even a picture of Ray Evans! So many incredible things in that box. I'll have to post pictures next week. I love that man. He's my marine! Speaking of marines, keep my friend Jameson Mead in your prayers. He just got shipped off to Afghanistan. :( John says he'll be fine. ;)

We are so super busy so the mission finally put in some elders in Little Elm! So we are officially only covering The Colony again which is good because we are drowning in work. One more fun thing before I have to go to our district Halloween Party. Trunk or Treat was so fun! So I came up with the ridiculous idea of dressing up as elders! We borrowed suits from our district leader and his companion. Everyone absolutely loved it. I have to give credit to this idea to Elizabeth and I (cantalina's for life).

Anyways I have a ton more to update but it will have to wait til next week! I love you all! I love being a missionary. It's going to be weird not having a baptism this week! ;) 

Forever and Always,
Sister Dalling

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