Week 19 from The Colony, TX "Transfer 4!"

wasn't about to give up that family tradition! I made everyone carve pumpkins with me :)

Our awesome district

We taught John how to take selfies

He even learned how to take pictures of other things! ..and he learned about the Restoration again. He loved it by the way.

I'm sorry mom but I love this cat! I'm thinking about shipping her home. The animal shelter let us have her for a night because I love her so much. Candy is the sweetest cat ever.

this one is just better of both of us haha

Texas... <3

we did a heart attack on our elders' doors

typical Texas..

FC Dallas service project.. all we did was help out at the tailgate party. Super fun!

and there was a bouncy house. Who said missionaries had to be adults all the time?

Texas barbeque is the best!

FC Dallas :)

Transfers :( that's about as close to a hug as it gets haha everyone always does fake hugs

car trouble...

Elder Rowland drew that for us :)

We had a glasses day for our district

Hey y'all! 

I am just doing great down here in The Colony. The miracles just never seem to cease. I definitely understand how return missionaries feel about how fast their missions went by. By next transfer I'll only have a year left! I love my mission. Halloween has brought on a little bit of homesickness, but being with the people is enough to keep me happy. The holidays might be a little difficult.. BUT we also have so many exciting things coming up. Kayce and Alex are being baptized Nov.16 and Dec.7! I'd rather be nowhere but here through the holidays, it's just weird because I've never not been with family for the parts of the year coming up. 

Updates! Halloween was a lot of fun actually. We aren't allowed to work from 5-9 on that night, so we all had a party with one other district. Oh, I had Tex Mex for the first time with some members. It was SO good. Speaking of food, I made chicken pillows for everyone at the Halloween party! It's one of the meals I miss most from home, so of course I jumped at the opportunity to make it for all the missionaries. Everyone loved it! Mom you'd be proud- it just took me probably an hour longer than it would've taken you!

I LOVE Texans. People always ask me what my favorite thing about being a missionary is. It's not a difficult question at all! The nonmembers, investigators, and members are all just incredible. I love the south. If we do end up tracting, people are generally nice simply because of that good ole southern hospitality. 

Kayce is doing SO good. She's such a solid investigator. She bore her testimony two fast Sundays in a row! She joked about being less active one night, that actually worried us for a little, then, we looked at the facts. She's never going less active. She bore her testimony on faith and hope this past week. Apparently there was an airport shooting I've heard nothing about, but she mentioned it and talked all about how much we need faith and hope in this world. She has come such a long way! 
John Cook is still probably my most favorite person right now. We visit him atleast 3 times a week, during slow hours. He just loves us! Everyone at the facility knows us and is quite jealous John always gets 2 cute girls to come visit him so frequently. We've been singing a lot to him as well and people gather around his room for his visits. He's doing missionary work and he can't even walk! I love it. 

This week I've really loved the New Testament! I read out of the NT, The Book of Mormon, and Jesus the Christ every day. Jesus the Christ is such an incredible book, by the way. It's very deep, but it gives great insight to our Savior and His gospel. One of my favorite scriptures is Matthew  13:45-46 "Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it." One of the biggest blessings on my mission is being able to devote SO much time to the gospel and to God. I hope I will always give all that I can for the gospel, because, to me, it is of greater worth than anything.  These versus reminded me of the lyrics to one of my favorite efy songs: "People have told me how to be happy, but I find their remedies empty. These are my pears, God's treasures unfurled, mean more to this girl, more than the world to me". 

God be with Y'all! Or as John Cook says 'byo con Dios'- excuse my horrible spanish but it means Go with God.

Sister Dalling

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