Week 20 From The Colony, Texas "5 months tomorrow"

I can not believe I've already been out on my mission for 5 months. I absolutely love it though! We have Kayce's baptism coming up this Saturday! Oh and TJ and Kayce are officially engaged! They agreed to name their first child after me ;) I wish! But really, I just love the change I've seen in TJ since I met him.

Happy Veteran's Day! We are going to see our Marine vet, the one and only John Cook, later today. They say everything is bigger in Texas and it's so true! They had a huge carnival over the weekend with fireworks for Veteran's Day. I love the patriotism down here.

It's been another week of miracles, but first I have to say it is hard not to have technology when scary things like the typhoon happen. For anyone that knows me, I have quite the tender heart, so hearing about 80 missionaries who were unaccounted for was so sad to hear. I hope the number has changed, but we have no idea what's happening in the world! Sis Allred and I are just so sad to think about all the people over there right now. How scary.. the people of the Philippines are in our prayers.

Also I have to express my love to the Rennells family. Their son, Chance, whom I babysat a lot in North Carolina recently passed away unexpectedly at age 13. I love you Rennells family! I can't imagine what you're going through at this time, but my companion and I are keeping y'all in our prayers.

So some of my favorite quotes of the week:

"I'm not ashamed of the world knowing what I'm doing." John Cook. He called us today and told us that next week he's getting the priesthood! It's so fun having him at church. He can't even walk, but he loves the gospel so much.
"God has it all planned for me." Kayce. She bore her testimony in one of our lessons this past week and it was just beautiful. She expressed so much sorrow for some things she's thought and said about God, being a former atheist. And then she said that the gospel and message we had to share with her made her realize that God loves her unconditionally, she can be forgiven, and that God has her whole life planned out and that it's filled with so much happiness and joy. She invited her best friend, Kayley, to come to a lesson and to church. Kayley texted us later and said how grateful she was for us because she never dreamed she'd be able to spend time with her best friend at church until now.
"We already are with God." John Cook. John's family was going through some hard things, and I tried to explain having an eternal perspective and telling him that one day when we are with God again, it will all be better, but he corrected me and said we already are with Him. I love him!
"What makes a good love story? When someone takes a leap or step to get the love of their life. How much do you love God or Jesus Christ? What leap of faith would you take?" Debbie Byrne, she's one of my good friends from The Colony ward who just left for her mission to Brazil!

Just read in my mom's email that all the missionaries are safe! God is good.

I love my mission! It's incredible to think about all the lives that have changed, including mine. I just love this gospel.  God be with y'all! ;)

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