Happy Valentine's Day!!! (week 33 from Sachse, Texas)

Happy Valentine's Day!!! What a great holiday! God has definitely shown His love for me this week.
In church yesterday, someone shared what their mission president always told them and I absolutely LOVED it. 
Love is the motive.
Faith is the power.
Obedience is the price.
So true! I absolutely love my God! No matter how hard missions can get, serving God in this way is the greatest way I can honor Him. I reached this epiphany while reading President Monson's talk titled "The Lord Needs Missionaries". 

I reach my 8 month mark on Wednesday! Can't believe it!! 

So my week was pretty good. Mondays we play basketball with our Zone and it is so much fun! That unathletic Sister Dalling you used to know is dwindling! I've gotten so much better at volleyball and basketball- you wouldn't believe. I even made 3 shots and that was playing against elders too! Granted, they might've gone a little easier on the sisters, it was still an accomplishment. That's what I get for having a NBA player for a mission president! 

We visited Richard's car shop this week. That was really cool! His mechanics showed us different cars and what was under the car as well as under the hood. This week I was truly convinced I was sent here to learn  from others more than they are to learn from me. It's been like that with Richard and all of the other appointments we had. I am just so fascinated at everyone's' life and experiences- they're all so different. Every experience shapes who we are even if we don't realize. 

We met with a new family- the Sanchezs'. They are so awesome! They have a great faith and family. They are a joy to teach and to be around. Sister Sanchez is full Navajo Indian, her grandma still lives on a reservation. She has some crazy stories about traditions and pow-wows. Brother Sanchez is a professional hunter. He travels the world, hunting animals and shooting footage of it. His videos are under Blind Goat media- look em up on youtube!! There's a super cute  one about his daughter coming on a trip with him. Their house is so cool. On the outside, it's just a small, normal house, but the inside looks like a cabin in the woods. They have animal heads everywhere and all the walls are covered in wood too, it's very rustic! They have a family ranch with horses down the road that we are going to start serving at! Bring on the horse poop! 

So it has been so cold!  We even had snow and freezing rain! I can't wait til I don't have to wear dresses in this kind of weather, builds character though! 

Even though Richard didn't come to church this week (he was sick), we had 2 investigators at church! That was a HUGE miracle. Huge. John came, and he's a friend of a youth in our ward who we are going to start teaching. Also we took Joakim to the YSA ward! It was so fun going to that ward. We are going to share him with those elders, too. His lessons are the most interesting experiences! He is quite a character! 

Anyways, hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's filled with lots of love. Know that I LOVE YOU! 

Sister Kristina Dalling
6360 Murphy Rd.
Sachse, TX 75048