Week 34 from Sachse, Texas!


Valentine's Day -- Love these girls!

More Valentine's Day pics!

Well this was quite an experience. We wanted to go to lunch as a district, but two of our companionships don't have cars, we're the only ones who do. Soooo the elders got in the trunk..shhh.. :) #ThisIsn'tSaratovApproach

Snow Day!
my 8 month celebration :) Bahama Bucks has the best shaved ice

Dear Family and Friends,

It was a beautiful and lovely week! Valentine's Day weekend was the best. I hope it was the same for y'all too.
I have some good stories this week!
One story I completely forgot to tell, but it is pretty funny. So it was very cold outside, snowing in fact. So Sister Stephenson and I had the brilliant idea that we should build a fire in our fireplace. We had a few twigs and logs. We got a pretty good fire started but we didn't understand why it kept dying, especially when we put the log on. We kept trying for quite some time, but then the smoke alarm went off, so we opened all of our doors to get the smoke out and then our apartment ended up colder than when we began. Later on we found out you have to open something in the fireplace to let smoke out and oxygen in- no one told us! Growing up can be fun sometimes.

Best fire ever :)

A member in our ward did my hair this week! I'm so grateful for members who love missionaries! It's a little darker than I usually go, but it'll fade! We also had a sleepover with Sister Nance and Sister Otto before a meeting the next day because they are on bikes. That was a ton of fun too, but I think we were all too tired the next day because of it.

Wednesday we found a new investigator. Loves cars, super Texan. Lives more country and is married. We taught him the Restoration and he loved it! He's always believed in Christ but was never really religious. When we taught him about the  great apostasy, he said how it all made sense now and no one had explained it to him yet. We are teaching him again this week, so cross your fingers!

This week we spent quite some time with Joakim! He's awesome! We have a ton of fun learning from each other. They had a huge group of Unitarian missionaries we got to meet and get to know a little. They were all very nice. Then we watched the long version of the Joseph Smith movie. I always love watching that movie. So in Norway, they don't really celebrate Valentine's Day so of course we had to show him how great it is! We gave him his first Valentine he's ever received! We also visited a Buddhist temple, which was a neat experience. Next stop- the Dallas Temple! 
Joakim, me and Sis Stephenson :) 

Richard took us out to Outback Steakhouse, and it was crazy busy! It was so good though. They gave us milkshakes in the most adorable containers and we asked if we could take a container home and they made and exception for us!! It was great.

Only 1 investigator came to church this Sunday, so that was kind of disappointing. Nevertheless it was a good day. We had an awesome lesson with three less active sisters who are all ysa age. They are so awesome! Ally and her two sisters I can't remember their names right now! We've taught Ally a few times, but her sisters joined for the first time today. It went so well. We talked about The Gospel of Jesus Christ. The spirit was so strong, especially as we talked about repentance. Afterward they promised to come to church next week and said our lessons are always exactly what Ally needs. Then we had kind of a sad lesson with one investigator. He hasn't kept any commitments, including reading, so we had to say he needs to start reading for us to meet as often as we do. For now, we will just be seeing him on Sundays. He was okay with it and understands he can't make much progress til he does that. That's always a hard lesson to have! But his desire is there, so it'll be fine.

This week we are having Elder Ellis of the Seventy come! So that's exciting. It's hard to believe this transfer is over half over!

I have the best family ever! I loved my Valentine package, flowers, and mail. I love and pray for y'all!

Have to go bowling and lazer tagging with some awesome missionaries :)
after I send some pictures!

Sister Kristina Dalling
6360 Murphy Rd.
Sachse, TX 75048