Week 46/47/48 "Staying in Sachse!!"

I Love Jesus Christ, Lyrics written by President Durrant, Music by Elder Clark Evans, and sung by Sister Kristina Dalling (Click on link to see youtube video)

Sister Nance and I :)

and my awesome birthday present from the Leas, mostly Joakim. 

Best Mission birthday ever! :)

Best Mission birthday ever! :) (Part II)

The Leas let us borrow their cooler..for a week! I am seriously spoiled, I thought this was such a trial. I'm learning :)

This bug. Found it in the middle of our kitchen! Ew. 

Blue Bonnet flowers - My favorite!

Week 48: 
Hey y'all!

First and most importantly: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA DALLING! I love you so much! You are such an inspiration to me. I feel so lucky and blessed to bear your name here in Texas. Your legacy is unbelievable. I'm so happy I am yours forever and ever!:) <3

Another 6 weeks in Sachse, and I'm so grateful to be here!! I have no idea what the Lord has in store for me, but it will be worth it, I know that.
I really don't have much time today because it's Memorial Day, we only have half an hour.
Let me tell you, we had the most incredible week. We found 8 new investigators and the best news of all......WE HAVE A BAPTISMAL DATE! Jacob, from Israel. He is golden. He kept saying how much of an honor it would be to be a Mormon and asking how he could join. Of course we told him it would take a few weeks to understand and accept everything, but he has true desire! He is incredible. He's an expert on the Bible and genealogy.
I really am learning so much about history and the Bible. It's been such a good experience serving in Texas.
Every day we have just been so blessed. We even went to the temple with Joakim to show him around. It is so beautiful with all the spring flowers. I love that place.

Well that's all for now! I'm so happy to have my awesome companion and to be surrounded by so many amazing people.
Keep Jacob in your prayers!
I love you!!!

Sister Dalling

Week 47:
Hey y'all!

I had a great week! Really, God has been good. But first, transfer calls are this Saturday!! I have mixed feelings about it, which is good because either way I'll be okay with it. Leaving Sachse would be really sad for me. I've grown to love the people so much here. Also I've learned SO much about myself. I've really become more like the person I am always striving to be. But staying in Sachse would be a trial as well because I'm dying to teach and baptize more. We are working so hard. I've never been more tired in my life, except maybe on finals week. But this is like a finals week that never ends..for 18 months! I know wherever God calls me will be the place I need to go. I'm learning to trust that. Patience is one thing I haven't mastered yet, so waiting for the call is really, really difficult! We'll see!

So this week we found 6 new investigators! It was a complete miracle. We pushed through really hard and the Lord blessed us. I'm always amazed when people let two strangers into their home to hear a message. But it happens and it's great when it does!
One huge miracle is Zach. He was taught by elders for a long time. They stopped meeting with him about a year ago. He lives next door to an awesome member in our ward, who called us up and told us he really thinks it's time to try Zach again. So we called Zach and met with him and he is awesome! We had a really good discussion about the reason and blessings why we have the word of wisdom. He has a testimony of just about everything! We also met the cutest couple who just let us in. They are 84 year old devout Mexican Catholics, but they love talking about God with anyone of any faith. They've been together 60 years and were just adorable. He kept saying she's losing her mind and he's just waiting for the Good Lord to call him home. They are still so in love and serve each other all the time. They even sang a song for us- old people are the best! Oh we also met a man named Jacob. He is from Israel but has lived in Texas for a long time. He's fluent in 4 languages, Hebrew, English, and I don't remember the last two. He's read the Bible in all four! He knows a lot as you can imagine and even knows a lot about our faith. He investigated many years ago. He heard a few anti things that turned him off but really respects the church. He told us that ours is one of the biggest churches Jerusalem has allowed to be built there. He is willing to listen to our message again, so wish us luck! I learn so much from all the faith here in Texas.

I sang President Durrant's song "I love Jesus Christ" at the Carrolton Stake Conference on Sunday. It was a huge honor to be there. President Durrant was one of the speakers and introduced the song, let us perform it, and that was his talk! I still can't believe I get to be the one to sing this wonderful song.  I love my mission president!

Robert and Judy really aren't doing well. Judy is in her last moments. The doctors suggested to Robert that they stop feeding her soon, then she has just 1-3 days left. We visited twice this week. She is in really bad shape, her lungs are filling up with water and they aren't feeding her very much at all because it worsens the condition of her lungs. Robert is so strong and he knows she does not want to live like this. He asked me to sing Judy a song, and I sang I Stand All Amazed. She will be well taken care of when she leaves this life, that I am sure of. It's impossible to be with those two and not feel God's love for them. It is an honor to know such amazing people. Robert is also a recovering alcoholic and designed something called the Marble Cage, it's too help people who are overcoming addiction. It's really a beautiful thing. Go on his website marbleinacage.com to check it out. He's amazing!

Well, that's it folks! I'm doing great, thanks for all the prayers and support!

Sister Dalling

Week 46:
Mother's Day was the best!! 
I'm so glad I got to talk to my family. I miss y'all so much! But I know I'm loved and have so much support. This mission would be a lot harder without my family. Mothers are incredible, especially my mom. They have so much responsibility, and seriously have the hardest job in the world. Preparing children to face this world is a daunting task, but so many mothers face it fearlessly every day. I wouldn't be here today if my mom didn't take the time to teach me about my Father in Heaven, my Savior, and the gospel.

So we had a great week! It was pretty slow, but of course we saw miracles. We met someone this week who thought the heavens were still closed and miracles ceased. Their preacher is saying that, I couldn't believe it! I told her to spend a day with us if she wanted to see proof that God is a God of miracles and there is a constant flow of revelation pouring down from Heaven. 

Jennifer and Josh are that nice couple who let us in when we knocked on the door. We met with them again and still had a lot of questions. They are so nice and really seem to have a desire to understand. They let us borrow their mini fridge and are going to feed us dinner tomorrow night! I really hope and pray we can help them understand the restored gospel. They are such awesome people. It always amazes me how God provides. There's so many people in my life that God uses as tools to support me. The Leas are great examples of that. Laura seems to save the day when I need it most. I wish little things like fridges and ant infestations didn't bother me but those little things add up fast! 
Thursday we had kind of a crazy day. I already told my family but its a good story. We were out tracting in the pouring rain. It was really raining hard, but we were having fun with it, getting completely soaked from head to toe. Only 2 people were home after an hour of knocking in this rain. We talked to one man who is now a potential investigator and then right after that we got a text about a tornado warning and to take shelter. We only had 3 more houses so we were going to just finish the street but then the tornado sirens around the city started going off. We ran back to our car, which was probably a mile away. Luckily we made it back to the apartment safely and God filled us with peace and calm, but it was quite the adventure. My first tornado warning in Texas! 
The weather here is so strange. I feel responsible for the tornado warning because the day before I prayed for a thunderstorm so my allergies wouldn't be so bad. God provided! And it's been pretty overcast ever since. Still very hot and humid, but is has helped! The bugs are still disgusting and something I'll probably never get used to. We had to clean all our cabinets out because of the ants. 

A huge miracle on Sunday! Esmirna and her husband and kids came to church! They loved it. We're teaching her again this week. Their family is so prepared. We're REALLY excited about them. 
It was also really great getting to meet Sister Reboquio's foster parents through skype. He's a mission president so as you can imagine, he's super spiritual. He made me cry telling me how grateful they were for me and how my companion would remember me forever. I love serving with this incredible girl! I am so blessed. 

Well I love y'all! So much! 7 more months!!



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