Week 49 "My life is like my shoes - to be worn out in service" (Sachse, Texas)

“My life is like my shoes—to be worn out in service.” — Spencer W. Kimball 

Hey everyone!
Sorry I didn't have a ton of time last week, or this week.
I'm doing well. Judy passed away last week. Super sad but it was the best thing for her because she was suffering every moment of life.
Esmirna and her family are doing really well! 
Jacob is also doing well. He is incredible to teach. He knows SO much but says I understand more than he does which blows my mind. But the gospel really does make everything so clear and simple. I feel so honored to have met him, what an amazing person with so much knowledge. His knowledge with faith in the gospel....wow. He will do amazing things.
We've been working so hard every day! We tract a ton, but it's been alright. It's starting to get hot though- 95 to 100 every day all day! Let me tell you- when you're fasting that is not very much fun. But it's incredible to feel God's strength in every breath because we have to rely on Him to provide that. Sister Reboquio is still the best- I love her! Made me tear up the other day just thinking about how lucky I am to have her.
I've been studying the enabling power of the Atonement a lot. I love this quote from E. Holland: "I am convinced that none of us can appreciate how deeply it wounds the loving heart of the Savior of the world when He finds that His people do not feel confident in His care or secure in His hands." I loved it because it's so true! We all need to trust our Savior more. To rely on Him each moment. He can help us through anything.
Also: "My life is like a pair of shoes- to be worn out in the service of God." Pres. Spencer W. Kimball
Well I love y'all! Still loving every moment of my mission. It's going by way too fast.


Sister Dalling