Happy November!!!


Hey everyone!

This week was a little slow but it was a ton of fun! Halloween was so awesome. I'll send a ton of pics. We dressed up with the Plano 4th elders who share our building- Elder Crandell and Elder Maloney. We were cowboys and Indians. Elder Maloney is Navajo so we had authentic face paint and really awesome costumes we made. Sister Greenall sewed my whole dress and we beaded it and put feathers on it. It was quite the costume! Everyone at trunk or treat loved it. 

But it was freezing. 

I wanted to dedicate a whole paragraph on my hate of this cold weather. Riding a bike in the freezing cold in a dress is a joke! It's a joke! It's only like 50 degrees and I'm already freezing and shivering. We'll adjust....but Texas weather changes over night and I was not ready for this! These are my last 6 weeks I get to show my faith and devotion like this though so I'm pulling through. But I am not going to sugarcoat it or tell people I enjoy that bike. Oooooh I am not biking another mile for a long while after this mission. But I do enjoy wearing winter clothes :) and everything else that comes with this season. 

Laron is doing so well! He is officially being baptized November 11th at 7pm. We are so excited! And his family is going to come. They are so happy and proud of him. At the end of our lesson this week, he was sad we had to go because he said he was just so hungry for more truth. He's just been starving for years! 
Our ward mission leader, Brother Thomas has been such a huge help with him. We are so lucky to have such an awesome WML. He truly magnifies his calling and loves missionary work. 

This week Sister Walker put on an amazing Visiting Teaching Conference and Sister Greenall and I sang "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go". Which reminds me- transfers are this week! But I feel somewhat confident we're both staying...but we'll see! I hate the nerves until we find out. 

We need lots of prayers for Denise and her husband Wayne. On their anniversary trip, he got in a serious accident and injured his spinal chord and neck. He was in the ICU for almost 2 weeks and is slowwwly recovering. Denise asked for local church members over there in California to come pray with them and give him a blessing. So I hope even though this is a scary and sad time for them that they will see God's magnificent hand in their lives. 

I just always remember the line from Praise to the Man that says "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven". It's so true!! We are being so blessed here in Plano. Everyone is always telling us how grateful they are for us and what a difference we're making. It means so much when people see and recognize that. I really love being a missionary. I can't believe its almost over! There are hints of Christmas just everywhere telling me I'm almost home! 

Well I love y'all! Can't believe we're coming up on Thanksgiving soon! I love and miss y'all so much!

Sissy Dalling

Me and Tyler <3 Love this kid! Nothin better than some football in Texas Fall

Hey everyone!

I'm so excited for Halloween. Can't wait to send yall pictures..we have some great costumes planned! You'll just have to wait and see. 

We had a good week.
Here are some highlights:

Laron is doing AWESOME. We call him Brother Brown- that is his last name. He is like our brother! I just can't wait to see the awesome things God does with him. He came to church again and should be getting baptized November 9th. On Saturday we went and watched him play flag football with the elders quorum. That was SO much fun. He was awesome of course. And we also watched Brother Chappell, Tyler's dad, and got to hang out with Tyler at the game.

Also on Saturday we went to a relief society activity and learned how to decorate cakes! That was so fun too. These women here are such great examples of who I want to be someday! I am so lucky. 
Sunday both wards had their primary programs. That was the most adorable thing ever! Lots of people invited their friends and the spirit was so strong. It was incredible to see the faith and love these children have for the gospel and their Savior. Our church primary leaders are just the best! 

That's about it for this week! Things are going well, but I know I need to have a good balance of focusing and thinking about home and not stressing out about everything. Life is going by way too fast! But I'm ready to hit the ground running and prove to my God that I love Him and will do everything I can to return to Him and bring as many people as I can along with me. I love Him! 

I love y'all! Especially my beautiful sisters- Katie and Sara. You looked SO gorgeous in your pictures. Write me!

Sister Dalling 


My Dearest Family and Friends,

 I love you so much! These next 2 months are going to be quite the challenge. It's always a missionaries nightmare to get a call from home bearing sad news about our loved ones. This weekend was very hard for me, finding out my Grandpa Leatham has cancer.. Family I am praying for you day and night! I know people are doing the same for me. I can't tell you how many tender mercies have been sent my way this week. "God will never us forsake". I can't tell you the peace I have found in the Plan of Salvation, that I have an eternal family. I hope I can bring that peace to the people here in Plano.. I need to make these last 8 weeks count. 

I did have a really good week other than that news though. The work is really moving forward here! 
Denise is doing really well! We were totally meant to meet. She's going on her anniversary trip this week so hopefully theres lots to update next time we meet with her! She is so close to the spirit and just wants to help everyone.
I have to tell you about Laron! He is so amazing. He had a couple of lessons around a year ago with Sister Hanson ( my trainer)!  We found him through contacting a few weeks ago. They live a humble life and he just lost his grandma. He's 23 but very mature because of all he's been through. He's so full of faith and hope! He truly wants to be better and is soo receptive. We gave him a second Book of Mormon and he gave it away to someone at work! He is already a missionary! He clicked right away with Brother Thomas, our ward mission leader. There's this other guy named Sam who lives in the complex as well who joined our lesson.. He's an interesting fella.. . He asked about why we don't wear crosses and Laron told him it's because we wear the cross on our hearts instead and glorify the living Christ. Perfect answer!! He came to church Sunday at 8:30am, met the bishopbric. After sacrament he even went up to the speakers and thanked them for their talks!! In gospel principles he participated. We had to leave that ward early because I was asked to sing in Plano 1 ward, but Brother Thomas texted us and said Laron ASKED to be baptized on November 1! I couldn't believe it!! He is totally going to be a bishop or something someday. We were shocked and so excited. It will probably be either Nov 1 or 8. 
Yes, I sang in Plano 1. An elder and I did a duet to "I Love Jesus Christ". It turned out really well! And the best part was that Joakim and Christelle (basically his sister) gave us a ride to it and spent half the day with us. It was so much fun! He will always be my big brother. 
Another fun thing that happened was the great night we had with the Restrepo family. They invited some other elders over too and we had a huge barbeque dinner and watched the long version of Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. I just love that family! Can't wait for the day that Sergio is baptized. 

Those are the highlights of my week! Opposition in all things, right? I have a huge testimony about that for sure. 

I love you! Keep those prayers coming.

Sister Kristina Dalling