HALFway done?!?!? Week 37 from Sachse, Texas

1. This is when we went to Top Golf. It was so much fun! I really hope I can find a Top Golf again someday. I miss those missionaries! 

2.Sister Erickson and I in a gated community we just happened to slip into! Luckily the security person was helping someone with a problem, so he just let us on through. 

3.The temple with my favorite district! Sister Stephenson and I are hopefully going to the temple this week! I LOVE THE TEMPLE. 
Pei and her family! Oh my goodness I miss them! This is the Chinese family I was able to teach for a while. Loved their food!

The only bright side to transfers is being able to see old mission friends. Elder Walters- awesome friend! 

HALFway done?!?!?

Oh my goodness, it hasn't even hit me. I have no concept of time whatsoever since my mission. The past nine months seem to have went by like a blink of an eye, but yet it also feels as if my life didn't even exist before my mission. Weirdest feeling ever! But I'm lovin' it!

By the way, I love my family! Congratulations Katie for your performance in Guys & Dolls. I'm so sad I couldn't be there to see it, but I'm sure it was incredible. Annnnnd it's almost my Jacob and Sara's birthday! Wow, I have a great family.  

This past week was a little slower because of the ice day. By the way today is bright and shiny again.. Texas is crazy! Jeremy is getting baptized this week and I am SO happy. I'm so sad I won't be able to go.. It is far away and the timing doesn't work out with Stake Conference. I'll make sure to get pictures of it though from Sister Erickson! The Davis family makes me so happy! Jeremy sent me a note this past week, telling me about the news and that he's sad I won't be able to go but knows I'll be there in spirit. I definitely will be! And hopefully I'll be at their temple sealing in a year.

We had a huge miracle this past week! A member in Wylie 2 ward asked a friend at the gym the 'willing and brief' invitation. At first she politely declined, but then a couple of weeks later she told this member to give us her contact info and that she'd love to meet! Apparently she hasn't been able to find a church that fits her family. Her husband isn't really interested yet, but she has 2 boys, ages 3 and 5. She hasn't been real active in a church since childhood, but she's felt the impression that she needs to make God more a part of her life. She's been attending a Baptist church, and had a really spiritual experience as the pastor was talking about the Creation and God's plan for us. Because of that experience she wanted to meet with us! She is awesome! Sister Barch, the member, came with us to the first lesson. The lesson went incredibly! She was really curious and trying to understand. She seems to love the idea of the Restored Gospel on the Earth. When we invited her to be baptized, she said, "Of course!". So Sachse might have it's first baptism very soon! She most definitely has high potential. Too often, when we find people like this, Satan gets in there right quick and ruins everything, so we are going to be praying hard the whole way.

Also we had another animal companion! Sunday night was absolutely freezing cold. It was raining, we didn't have umbrellas at the time, we were tracting, and life just honestly seemed temporarily miserable.. So I said a prayer. There's a super great Mormon message titled 'Hope you know we had  a hard time'. So that was my inspiration for that prayer. I told God 'hope you know I'm having a rough night, please help me out'. Then he sent us a cat! Almost immediately, in fact, the sweetest cat came up to us and wouldn't leave our side the rest of the night. She was the cutest thing, entertaining us by constantly trying to trip us. And just like the dog, people are a lot more receptive with an animal. God knows me pretty well, and it's so comforting that He cares about the smallest things in my life, too.

I'm loving my mission! Even the cold, rainy parts! Even the 'stuck inside all day because of the ice' parts! It's the best. God's hand is in my life every single moment, and I couldn't be happier. I'm so looking forward to the next 9 months. It's just me, The Lord, and Texas, and it couldn't be any better.

I love y'all!

Sister Kristina Dalling

"It takes everyone to git her done."
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