Week 36 from Sachse, Texas: "Transfer 7!!!"

Our district- Elder Campbell, Elder Taylor, us, and Sisters Otto and Nance

Joakim and Felipe! We are all basically best friends. 

Love them!

Felipe is the best member missionary ever!

Gina was in our ward but just moved to NC :( she was so awesome though! I love her! 

Hello everyone!! 

So quick update on why I'm emailing Wednesday.. The weather is insane in Texas. Insane. Saturday was the most beautiful day in the 70's, felt like spring. And then Sunday dropped 50 degrees and iced and snowed again. I was driving 15 mph on the way home from church it was so bad. One miracle from that storm though! It's kind of scary, don't freak out because we are fine! As we were driving home, we came to an intersection and the light turned yellow, so of course I stopped, but our brakes kept skidding because of the ice and we were not stopping. But somehow we stopped at exactly the right spot so that we wouldn't get hit either from the front or the back. It was pretty scary though. I hate ice! So then Monday, the whole mission was ordered to stay indoors. Texas is crazy.

Okay so a sister in The Colony actually went home early, so Sister Walton replaced her for the rest of that week. She got really homesick. :( So Sister Stephenson and I finished the transfer off on our own. It was a very good transfer! And we are staying together for at least another 6 weeks, so I'm very grateful for that. We are both staying in Sachse! And it's my 7th Transfer!! That means I only have 6 left.. I hit my halfway mark next week.. insane. 

We had a really awesome miracle! So we were tracting a street and one man answered and politely declined and didn't take a card even, the rest of the street didn't seem to be receptive either, but then I noticed a dog. This dog was just roaming around and so we called him over. He was super nice and wouldn't leave our side after that. We knocked on a few doors to see if anyone knew who's dog it was because it appeared to be a stray, and nobody knew. But tracting with the dog was super effective. People actually talked to us for a few minutes longer than how long it takes to shut the door! We even got a pretty great potential investigator from it. He told us he knows he needs to make religion more a part of his life, so he wants us to come back! After tracting a few more houses with our new companion, we decided to call the animal shelter to come pick up the dog. As we were waiting, the man who refused even a card earlier came out with his dog to check the mail. Our dogs wanted to meet and we explained the situation. He thought it was the most amazing thing that we cared enough about that poor dog to have called the animal shelter. He kept saying how impressed he was, after we got to know him and his dog a little better, he opened up about religion. he didn't like how all the Christian faiths are kind of against each other, we explained we don't like it either. And we are very aware of it, too, since 90% of Texas is Christian and only a very small percentage are particularly welcoming. We explained our purpose and what we do. He thought it was great and wants us to come back! So basically, I love dogs. so much. I miss my Prince back at home! Can't wait to see my dog again. They really are a man's best friend. 

So remember Robert and Judy? Judy has Lou Gherig's disease.. and the bishop, mission president, and ward mission leader are determined to find a way to get her baptized! Her lessons are amazing and the spirit is always so strong, but we can't tell how attentive she is or how much she understands. We explained to her that mostly we are going to focus on the change of heart and her desires and devotion to Christ since she can't really break any commandments. We focused on what true repentance means, and it's all helping Robert too! Even though Judy can't move, talk, or do anything really to communicate, it honestly feels like our souls are communicating. It is truly beautiful. Sometimes during lessons, she can't help when she falls asleep, so we even thought of things Robert can do with her when he knows she's attentive enough to understand, like Mormon messages, ensign talks, and scriptures. They are awesome! 

Church was great! It's weird because most of our investigators are going to the ysa ward.. Joakim and Todd came. Todd is new! So he's awesome. He's 19 and just a great person. We knocked on his door and he agreed to meet with us again! So we taught him the first lesson and when I invited him to be baptized, I almost couldn't even finish asking, he said "are you done asking the question? Yes!" It was very exciting. He even pretty much scheduled it in. He said he'd do anything to find out if this is all true. So we are very excited about him. He's an MMA fighter and works a ton, but he's determined to make time for this. Unfortunately we'll probably have to hand him off the ysa elders. The only reason we haven't handed off Joakim is because we are teaching the family sporadically as well. But church was awesome! For now, it's very fun going to the ysa ward. 6 hours of church, but it's all good! I've been getting a lot out of the meetings recently, because I've been taking notes in every meeting! It helps me pay attention and feel the Spirit. Joakim and Felipe bore their testimonies, and it was one of the best moments. Joakim told us he wants to be baptized when he finishes The Book of Mormon hopefully and he wants Felipe to be the one to baptize him. He stayed up to 3am reading and is already done with all of 1Nephi! Ysa wards are so awesome, they have so much success because people this age are so receptive! I love it! 

Sadly one of our investigators isn't really making any progress, pray for him! We don't want to have to drop him, but we might have to. And please also keep the Riegals in your prayers. They were the family I taught in The Colony, Alex got baptized. Apparently the dad won't let his family go to church because Sunday morning is the only time he has off of work. So they have to choose between family and church.. It's really sad. They haven't been in a while.. But I heard every one else is doing great, including John!  And JEREMY IS GETTING BAPTIZED MARCH 15 :) I'm so excited! Finally! And they will be sealed next year in the temple as a family. Best news ever! 

Well I love you all! So much! I love my mission! It's crazy how fast it's going. 


Sister Kristina Dalling

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