Week 55 / 56 Staying in Sachse!... Time just flies by

My district right before transfers. Sister Rust and Ricks, us, Elders Stein and Sasser. Love them!

My sweet companion did this for me for my 13 month mark! She's the best.

Week 56
I just hit my 13 month mark! Can not believe how fast everything is going. I feel like my life is just like that huge boulder that almost crushes Indiana Jones during the ride at Disney. I'm hangin in there though!

Yesterday was Sister Reboquio's 20th birthday!! She is SO amazing! There's not much you can do to surprise your companion since we're together all the time. But I did what I could! Cleaned the kitchen, made lunch, wrote a note on the mirror, texted her favorite members at church to wish her a happy bday. Joakim set up the best birthday surprise of course! He is so good at giving gifts. They got her roses and a beautiful music jewelry box. Also really yummy cake and our favorite- Ben&Jerry's! We are both addicted to that stuff.

I'm so lucky to be with her 3 transfers. That is a long time in missionary time! Hardly ever are companions together for that long. But we need each other. It has been so hot this week, we've really had to keep the other going and remembering why we do this. Ohhh and my knee.... So it's just been kind of a rough week overall. I fell and skinned my leg. My knee is disgusting, it's just raw. I've been doing a very good job at cleaning it- which hurts a ton! So it's healing up pretty fast, but it still hurts to walk on and very annoying to deal with. All that just made this week a little hard because we did a lot of walking and working in the sun in 100+ weather. We didn't find any new investigators which was kind of a bummer. We have to remember there are up and down weeks, so it's okay! Of course there are still always miracles. The Carillo family all came to church! Roberto's mother- the member from Mexico- is in town. She had wanted to go to the Spanish branch but Esmirna said "I want to go to our ward, I'll just translate for her." So that's what she did! So happy she considers this her ward family. I love them!

We're trying to think of more creative ways of working so we don't tract so much. So tomorrow we are doing something way fun! For a young women's project, we are going to have a YW in our ward be a 'missionary for a day' with us. She's going to start early morning till almost the end of the night. She's so excited and we are too. I think it will be a great experience for her.

Joakim is going out of town for 6 weeks so I won't see him for a lonnnng time after today! So sad, but he probably needs to see his family in Norway every once in a while. His poor mother- haha.

Well thanks so much for everything! For all the support and prayers. It's so great to be surrounded by so much strength and faith. Jesus Christ keeps me going. I'm not finished yet, but lemme tell you, I will be ready when the time comes.

Week 55
Hey y'all! 

Yep I'm staying in Sachse. I'm excited!! But so tired, not going to lie. I've grown so much these past 6 months, and growing is tiring. Sister Reboquio has been the hugest blessing though. I can't thank the Lord enough for her. She is so patient with me! We are going to see miracles these next 6 weeks, guaranteed. Also I'm working on being more bold, so pray for me!

The big event of this week was meeting the new mission president. President and Sister Taylor are amazing of course! Sister Taylor is so sweet and they have an adorable family. We are focusing on Becoming One around the mission, our wards, as companions, and around the world. Because we need to make God's will our will. 

I really don't know what to say, which is weird because I usually do! It was a great week. We are working hard. The 4th of July was AMAZING, just like it always is. It seriously might be my favorite holiday, possibly tied with Christmas. We mostly helped Joakim clean out the garage. That night we went to go contact at a festival, but we weren't allowed to. So we ended up going home BUT we watched the fireworks from our apartment and they were amazing! It was Sister Reboquio's first real fireworks show, she loved it. 

Don't have much time today because we need to say goodbye to all the missionaries getting transferred! Love you all. Pray for me this transfer! 

Much Love,

Sissy Dalling

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