Week 57/58 Best Week Yet!

My sweet companion did this for me for my 13 month mark! She's the best.
This was when we went to the temple with Joakim. I love that place. Gonna miss him!

My district right before transfers. Sister Rust and Ricks, us, Elders Stein and Sasser. Love them!

Sissy R and I :) I love her!! 

Week 58:
Hey Y'all :)

Seriously this was an amazing week. There were multiple miracles every single day. The biggest one- we reached 7 lessons with members present!!! I looked through all the progress records in the area book and within the past 4 years, the highest LTMP week was 5 (we have reached that as well a couple of times). This has never been done here, we could not believe it! Before Elder Munday switched zones, he promised us we would hit 7 LTMP's before I left. Of course, I didn't believe him. Reaching 4 was something of a miracle in itself. But we worked so hard and felt strongly about making 7 our goal. We not only hit that goal but we also had 3 people at church, set 3 baptismal dates, had 4 other lessons, 5 new investigators, talked to 156 people, and  had 2 lessons with less actives. Unbelievable! I still can't believe we did it, and for our reward we watched 17 Miracles last night after planning. Love that movie!

YES, we have baptismal dates!!! Esmirna, and soon we'll count her whole family when we meet with all of them again. Her date is August 23rd, please pray for her because she's still a little unsure. We are taking their family to tour the temple grounds this week. Alisha has a date for August 30th. She is so incredible, love her! And a new investigator, Tristina for August 30th. She's 20 and has a baby. She needs the gospel and she said she had been praying for people like us and we came right away. All of these were complete miracles- all credit to God.

On exchanges with Sister Kerr, we saw a dead dog in the street and watched as it was taken away by animal control. :( That was a bit of a damper. 
We also ran out of money for the month, and I ran out of bug spray..awful I know. I go through a whole can in 2 weeks. So I was getting bit like crazy and I finally said a desperate prayer to God asking for bug spray. The next house we knocked on offered me a HUGE bottle of bug spray randomly. Miracle!! 
We also went to the temple at like 6am, but it was so worth it! I love the temple. Can't wait to go every single week at home.

This week felt so good and it's looking like another great week ahead! I love everyone here so much. I realize my time is soon ending here, but I am loving every second. I've never been more tired in my life but as quoted from 17 Miracles, "It will all be worth it".

Thanks for all your prayers, letters, and support! Sorry I haven't written to individuals in a while, I'll try better this week. ;)
Love you SO much,
Sister Dalling 

ps applying to school sucks.
Week 57: 

You know you've been somewhere too long when you can't 'contact' anyone at the store because you've already talked to them a million times.
Sachse feels like home, especially this past week. It was beautiful weather! Huge tender mercy from God. Felt like I was right back in Oregon. I had to wear a coat tracting one of the days because it was like 70-80 degrees all day, just amazing!! It was truly a great week. I'll start with the bad parts first and then end with the miracles-

I GOT STUNG BY A WASP. TWICE. I was so mad at that wasp. We were out tracting and we were teaching a lesson on someone's porch and it just attacked me out of nowhere and it stung our potential investigator right after me! So you can imagine that lesson didn't last very long. I just keep getting hurt, I don't know what it is! But no worries, I survived.
Also, Joakim left for Norway on Saturday. He won't be back until after I'm gone. It was really sad saying goodbye but we'll stay in contact. He's like a brother to me! He has a lot of work to do up in Norway- the members there would love to hear his conversion story and I pray one day his family up there will accept Christ.
And our phone broke. But the Lord provides! We only had to go for a few hours without a phone. Members let us borrow their phones. One member even gave us their 'go' phone for a few days. The miracle was that the mission office said our phone wouldn't be delivered for another week but 2 days later we got our phone in the mail! The office couldn't believe it. Life without a phone is stressful! But God spoils me :)

Miracles!! So many. Every day!:)
On Tuesday we had Abby come out with us all day. It was so fun having her with us! She is going to be an incredible missionary someday- she was fearless! We went chalking- drew the plan of salvation- and talked to a lady at the park about it. We went to go teach Mary, but she was sick. Her great grandson Jordon was there though and so I asked if he'd be interested. He said yes! Backround- He's amazing! And he sees how much he needs the gospel. It just worked out perfectly that we had Abby with us- they are both 14. He told us he always hears God is real but has never known for himself. We taught him the restoration but ended up focusing mostly on Christ and the Atonement. The spirit was so strong, we all ended up having tears in our eyes. I felt such a strong urgency for him. Like he needs the gospel now, it can change his life forever. He was going down a wrong, dangerous path, but he honestly wants to change. It was such a beautiful lesson. We met with him again that week with Br.Condiff and he accepted the baptismal invitation! His mom and Mary were shocked about everything. He wants to come to church and mutual, it's unbelievable. I love the gospel! I love what I do! The Atonement changed my life, it's so exciting seeing it change another life. The least I can do to show my gratitude to my Savior is to keep working, even after a couple wasp stings. It's all so worth it.
Have I told y'all about Denise? I don't remember if I did. But she is a miracle. We have taught her twice now. We knocked on her door and she invited us right in. She told us E.Merrill knocked on her door a year ago and left a Book of Mormon. Thank you for following the spirit elders!! She still had the book with his name in it. They didn't even teach her anything but felt prompted to leave it with her. She is super active in a Methodist church, but she is so amazing. While teaching her she said "wow, maybe there is a need for a prophet". It will be an incredible journey if she converts, but it is definitely possible.
Jacob's wife finally got back from Jordan this week! We'll meet her later this week. Please pray she will be supportive. Jacob is SO close.
You'll never guess who we taught last night. The Guntas family! If you don't remember, Sis Stephenson and I taught them a while ago. Blake was great friends with the Bishop's sons and investigated the church for a while. We found out it's spelled Giunta..but it was awesome! I felt prompted to stop by their house and they said they had just been talking about us the other day. That had been really busy with a wrestling tournament for a long time but wanted to continue learning. So we taught Blake the restoration again. It was an incredible lesson.
Also we ended up talking to some famous minister for almost an hour! He leads a ministry that travels around the country helping religious leaders 'see the truth' and the wrong in what their teaching. So you can imagine how nervous we were. He only really wanted me to answer because I was 'senior'. Can't tell you how grateful I am for the spirit and for everything I've learned here in Texas! He loved what I had so say and mostly ended up helping us know how to correct false doctrine we run into each day talking with all the faiths we do. He said it was refreshing to see young girls like us who know so much and dedicate so much of ourselves for our beliefs. Nicest minister I've ever talked to! He owns For His Glory if  you're curious.

We had interviews this week with our zone. President and Sister Taylor are so amazing! They talked a lot about foreordination. They were meant to be here with us and we were called to be here in the pre existence. That is an undeniable truth! I have had so many confirmations that I was meant to be here at this exact time to meet specific people. Also I loved how they defined success and how to achieve it. Success comes after all we can do and then is something we choose for ourselves. Being successful means you feel the spirit constantly guide you and are happy! I love it! So grateful for all the success I've had.
There's a lot of excitement about missionary work in our ward. We have some amazing investigators. The Lord is with Sister Reboquio each day. I'm doing everything I can to make my Father proud. I will give til I have nothing, work until he stops me, go until I drop. Please keep us in your prayers. We know we can baptize in August, but it's going to take a lot of faith.  We watched "Legacy" this week and it was just the motivation I needed. My ancestors worked so hard for Zion. Some even died for it. They left a huge legacy of faith. I'm so grateful to feel just a glimpse of hardship for the cause of my Savior. I echo the original apostles of Christ- who in their hour of persecution went "rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name. And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ." Acts 5:41-42
Four more weeks of this transfer! One day at a time. I love my companion! Don't know what I'd do without her.

Thanks for all the support! I love all y'all and each y'all!

Sister Dalling

36 Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.
37 Behold the wounds which pierced my side, and also the prints of the nails in my hands and feet; be faithful, keep my commandments, and ye shall inherit the kingdom of heaven. Amen.