Week 53 & 54 News from Sachse, Texas!

It was really sad saying goodbye to the Durrants. They are both so amazing! I can't believe how much they have sacrificed for us. I will miss them so much!!

Tj is basically the big brother I never had but always will have now. He's incredible! And I couldn't ask for anyone better than Kaycee to spend forever with him. 

I love these funny pictures! This is just their families. 

Nothing like a trunky, kissing picture at the temple!

Week 54-
Wow everyone, I can't believe it's already the last week of the transfer. This is the first time I'm not really anxious for transfer news. At this point, I really just want to be where Lord wants me to be. Where He thinks I can make a difference. Whether that be here or somewhere else, we'll find out.

It was a great week in Sachse! We taught more lessons this week than we ever have here, I'm pretty sure. It felt great. Of course, we still had time for a ton of tracting. By the way I have like 15 mosquito bites! And yes, I spray bug spray every day! My companion doesn't even have 1. I guess I need more trials in my life or something-haha. I feel like I've been in the refiner's fire for 6 months. It's been hard, but the results are great.

This week has been super 'filipino'. Every where we go we seem to run into Filipinos- it's been so great! Sister Reboquio is going to be able to touch so many lives! One of the members in our ward-Sister Anderson- is like my Sachse mom. She is literally just like my real mom, it's weird. She is good friends with her sons' former teacher who happens to be Filipina. We had dinner with them twice this week! I've been eating so much Asian food. It's all really good though and I know Sister Reboquio loves speaking her language and sharing in their culture.

Jacob is doing just amazing. I love him! He's like an uncle to me. I can't wait to go to the Holy lands with him someday. It's so nice having connections!
Alisha is also doing really well. She is so strong.
Esmirna is feeling a little pressured, so please pray for her.
Speaking of baptisms I sang at TWO on Saturday! One of God's tender mercies to me.. being able to sing nearly every week of my mission. I love it!

Don't have a ton of time today, sorry. But know I'm working hard and loving it! Even the weather hasn't been that bad yet. Just the bugs. Well I sure love yall a lot!

-Sister Dalling
Week 53-
My wonderful Family and Friends,

I had a great week! Lots of hard work and roller coaster of emotions, but as always it's been amazing.
There's a lot to cover with not much time, so sorry if I don't get everything!

Monday- We found a new investigator who just let us in. He's quite the person. I haven't met anyone like him yet. He grew up Christian but then later on got so confused by all the religions he kind of just set it all aside. He is so much confused by it all now so much that he doesn't even know if he's a Christian. He says there's just so much out there and it's impossible to prove any of it as THE truth because we all claim to have the truth. It's going to be an interesting process teaching him. He doesn't like when we say 'I know these things are true or I know...etc'. But I do know it! So it's impossible not to say those words.
Wednesday- Singing at the Spanish Specialized was fun even though we didn't understand any of it. I still can't believe President Durrant asked me to tour the mission with him for these trainings. It was such a great experience sharing his testimony through the song I sang. We also taught Jacob again. He's doing so great. He says he knows this church is true! He is such a testimony to me..of prophecy being fulfilled, of intellect and faith, of the Book of Mormon, etc. He is studying that book backwards and forwards because he's thirsting for knowledge of the gospel. He's truly feasting upon the words of Christ. We love him!
Thursday- We literally tracted all day. Usually this is our planning day, but we both felt that since we were spending so much time in specialized trainings, we were just going to plan in any of our down time such as lunch/dinner/inthecar. I'm super lucky I have such a great companion who loves to work and have fun. Tracting would be pretty awful otherwise. We always meet really interesting people. I love Texans. I hate mosquitos.
Friday- This was a great day. We got to see everyone at the last Specialized. It was really sad saying goodbye to the Durrants. They are both so amazing! I can't believe how much they have sacrificed for us. I love how anyone can easily see their priorities: God then family. I'll miss them so much! Later that night we went to a 'movie night' our district put together for investigators and members. We watched the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration video. Esmirna and her family came. It was a great experience EXCEPT Satan had to throw in his efforts. The fire alarm was going off the entire time and nobody could turn it off. Everyone still stayed and watched the whole thing though, so it turned out alright.
Saturday- I probably had the best few hours of my entire mission on Saturday. Tj and Kaycee Michalow were sealed June 21 at 1pm. It was such a spiritual experience. It made me really excited to get married someday to be honest! It's such a beautiful thing to know that marriage is eternal. They looked so happy. There were many tears. So many people I didn't even know thanked me for my hand in it. Kaycee thanked me for following the spirit and serving because eternal families is our entire goal as missionaries. Even though I feel I was just lucky to be there at the right time and place, it was so amazing seeing the highest rewards of missionary efforts. It makes every second worth it. Every rejection, every meal skipped, every sleepless night, every tear shed, every sweat drop, every prayer of plea worth it.
Sunday- We had a great lesson with a less active sister, Sister Gonzales. She has a lot of health issues which is mostly why she doesn't come to church. She has a strong testimony. We all ended up crying when she said no matter what she does she knows God loves her because every time she needs someone, we show up at her door within 24 hours. I can't tell you enough about how important it is to follow the spirit. And she committed to come to church next week no matter what.
We also stayed in the zone leader's ward to hear Elder Munday's last testimony before he left for medical testing. I feel so extremely lucky to have spent the last 6 months in this zone with this incredible elder. Anyone else would have gone home long ago. He's an amazing example of serving God to the end. This is a pretty scary trial to go through but he's facing it with faith and confidence that God's plan will prevail. Keep him in your prayers please.

Well that was my week! Quite the roller coaster right? Wow, I love my mission!!
Trying not to think about all the crazy decisions I have to make for after my mission, but there's no avoiding it.

Love all y'all and each y'all!
Sissy Dalling

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