14 Months :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE! My bestest friend and sister. I love you SO much! You're turning 18!!!!!! Oh my heck. I still feel like I'm 18. I'm so excited to see you again very very soon!:) You're such an amazing young woman. You've always been like a big sister to me and you always will be. Thanks for everything! And Happy Birthday! Expect a package, my love :)

My goodness, I can't believe I'm already at this point. I'm excited for what these last 4 months hold in store though!

Honestly it was kind of a hard week, especially compared to the last 2 weeks. Y'all know by now, that's just how it goes. Up and down, but it's all good! This week we already have 10 LTMPs planned. Last week we only had 3 allll week. And it was hot. We tracted 6 hours almost every day. I think that is mainly because I've just been here so long, I'm simply out of ideas. Transfers will be a good change as hard as it will be to leave.

So sorry there's so much bad news! I'll quickly go through it.
One of our investigators is only common law married and her husband basically believes in having a mistress. She allows it because she loves and needs him so much. It's super complicated and nothing I've ever had to deal with!
Jacob :( We've called a few times this week and he sounds so sad! His wife won't allow us to come over. This week we're planning on having a lesson with him at the Brownings  house so that's good. But still so hard. He's one of my favorite people. Kind of like my younger John Cook.
The Carrillos fed us dinner with the Evans! That was fun. It was super authentic Mexican food. So good! But sadly they didn't come to church. I still have high hopes for them though! It feels pretty lonely in that chapel without our investigators though.

On Thursday we went back to this one family we randomly found last week. They told us they wanted to feed us dinner but we didn't have their phone number or anything. We crossed our fingers, hoping they'd remember and they did! It was so sweet too. They smoked pork, had potatoes and rolls for us. They even made crepes for desert. They are very active in their church but said they were just so touched by what we were out doing all day. It was so touching.
Also Blake is doing pretty well. He's still super intellectual and scared of emotional promptings being the spirit, but  he's taking steps.
Also God is just taking such good care of me. It will be super hot to the point where I don't know if I can knock another house, then He sends just enough rain to cool things down. Not even joking! It happened twice this week.

Our apartment might have been haunted for a night or two... but we got it taken care of!
It will be so hard leaving Sachse, lemme tell you. I love the people SO much. I love having this connection with them. I have been blessed tremendously to have served here. I find out Saturday where I'm going! I really want to go to Heath or out east somewhere!

Have a great birthday Kate, and a wonderful week my awesome family and friends :)
I love you all!

<3Sister Dalling

I love my companion!! She's the best.
Oh and the moon last night was just amazing. Hope yall saw it.