My Mission Blog Week 25: "Transfer 5 Week 1!!!" The Colony, Texas

It has been a crazy week. It's been filled with ups and downs but mostly ups of course because.... it's Christmas time!!! 

Monday- Transfers were so sad! I will most definitely miss Sister Allred and the other missionaries. 
Tuesday- Sister Erickson is my new companion! She is so awesome. She's such a hard worker, so a lot of good things are going to happen. It always takes a while adjusting to a new companion but it will be good! We are tracting a lot because the holidays make it really hard to meet with people. It's absolutely freezing, but I know we'll be blessed for it. 
Wednesday- Nothing really special happened. It was actually kind of a rough day. A lot of our lessons fell through and so we tracted a ton. We also didn't have any dinners this week because church was cancelled last week, but it was kind of fun getting inventive with the few things we have at home. We even bought a pound recess to cheer ourselves up! Gotta love chocolate.
Thursday- My goodness! Shirlene was missing. She really was missing. We met with her on Tuesday and heard John told us on Wednesday she had been rushed to the hospital. Well she was discharged early Wednesday and for some reason was readmitted and discharged again. John was calling us off the hooks on Thursday seeing if we could go check on her because he hadn't heard from her in over 24 hours. They talk on the phone ALL day. So we went over there to feed the dog and cat and check up on Shirlene. Teddy was there and hadn't been fed in two days. All of Shirlene's things were left exaclty as they were when we saw her Tuesday morning. The tv and lights were on.. but the door had been locked so she didn't just wander off. Oh and her car and purse were still home too. So we call Sis Hansen, the ward member, who is very close with the Cooks too and she rushed over and was calling the hospital trying to get info but of course the hospital wouldn't tell anything to nonfamily members. We were so frustrated they couldn't even tell us who picked her up from the hospital. So we didn't want to scare John, we called his granddaughter who lives in Dallas if she happened to know where Shirlene was but she knew even less than we did. Then she called her dad who is John Jr. and he got a hold of the hospital who after many hours finally told him. But before I give yall the answer, we had been through so much! We searched every corner of that house and I was terrified to find my lovely Shirlene dead or hurt somewhere in that house. We even called the police, but did you know that you can't file a missing persons report unless you're family? Dumbest thing ever. So we finally found out she was LIFEFLIGHTED to a rehab center in Plano. horrible. Can't even believe all that happend. Y'all know how much I love the Cooks. So that was really hard for me. 
Friday- Alex is doing so awesome! We got the hard commandments- word of wisdom and law of chasitity- out of the way. She is seriously incredible. An inactive girl at school was giving her a hard time and Alex defended the faith. I was so proud of her. She even said the prayer for the first time. We also ran into a part member family when we went to a chinese buffet. It was fate too because we planned to stop by their house later that day. And now we are going to start working with them! They are the nicest family too. We also met another part member family. The member is a guy named Brandon and he happens to be a private investigator! It was the coolest thing talking to him. That's something I'd totally want to do if I could be serious enough. 
Saturday-We went to breakfast with Santa at the church. Some members brought their friends who just moved from England! It was so much fun talking to them and we will hopefully start teaching them. The Santa was a nonmember who looks JUST like Santa. It was a lot of fun. Oh and we helped Alex's mom put up their lights and Christmas decorations. It was actually a lot of work, but it felt good especially because we wouldn't get to do that otherwise. She even gave us each a mini tree for our room. 
Sunday- What a great day. Alex came all by herself to church because her family was sick. We sat with her and we all wrote our feelings about Christ during the sacrament. It was amazing. We also met with the Davis family. And Jeremy is getting baptized at the end of February!!! I was so happy. I love that family. 

We are eating at the Byrne's house for Christmas. They are one of my favorite families. Debbie Byrne was my friend in the ward who just left for her mission to Brazil. Her mom is the greatest Italian lady. Love them! Will hopefully give more details about when I get to skype next week. Love you all! Hope that was a good enough update!

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