Week 24 From The Colony: "stayin in The Colony!"

Everyone!!!!! I get to stay in The Colony another 6 weeks! I can't even believe it. I will have been here 8 months by next transfer. This week is my 6 month mark! Crazy, I know. 

Sister Allred is being transferred to Rowlette though :( My new companion will be Sister Erickson, who seems really awesome. Sis Allred will be missed so much though. No one can believe she was the one who was transferred. 

I also hardly have an update because we've had a snow day the past 3 days. Last Wednesday, I kid you not, it was 80 degrees outside. The next day we had a crazy ice storm.. it got down to the 20s. The streets and cars were covered in 2 inches of ice. No one could walk or drive anywhere. It was the first time President Durrant has ever told missionaries to take a day off, let alone 3. Working would have been impossible though. It's gotten a lot better today, but still really dangerous. At first, it wasn't too bad being forced to take a break, but after a while we got SO bored. They even cancelled church.. So nothing has happened this week. At all. This transfer is lookin to be a good one though! Alex and Jeremy's baptisms are coming up! 

Transfers are really the hardest part of a mission. Elder Rowland and Stewart are leaving :( It's so hard to lose your district once you get so close. It'll be good though! It always is.And I get another transfer with John!

Love y'all so much!

Sister Kristina Dalling

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5008 Pemberton Ln. 
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