Week 22/23 From The Colony: "Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!"

my wonderful district

Thanksgiving with the Dali's and Davis'

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

My Thanksgiving was so great! It was very hard being away from family and friends, but it was still a great day. I am just so grateful to be a missionary. For Thanksgiving we went to the Dali's. They are a super cute family in our ward that I've grown to love. Their daughter, Chloe got baptized the week before and asked us to speak at her baptism. They have 3 girls, so of course I feel right at home. The food was amazing! Not as good as my mothers of course ;) But it was still great. They also had the Davis family over as well so that was REALLY special. I absolutely love the Davis family. They are so special to me. They are like family to me. So I was so grateful I got to spend that day with them. Also Jeremy said he will be baptized the first week in January!! He says it will be a part of his new year's resolution and he'll have a fresh start. He said how grateful he is for this decision and how much he loves the gospel. What better way to make my Thanksgiving great! My companion, Sis Allred got really really homesick though so that was hard. She was really down, even the day after, so we went to do service with the elders and even that didn't help. I asked Elder Rowland if he'd give her a blessing, and that was the only thing that helped. It was so special coming from him because he is our best friend on the mission. I can't even describe how grateful I am that the Lord has taken the burden of homesickness away from me. I couldn't do this work if I still struggled with that. All the members are so great and have given us so much love, but it's still hard this season. On a happier note, we got a ton of food! Everyone and their mom invited us over for pie or some other wonderful food. There really is no hope in not gaining weight on your mission. It's all good food though so no complaints from me!

Alex came to church on Sunday! That was such a huge step. We moved her baptismal date to December 21 because she has to come atleast 2 more times. So if I get transferred I'm definitely coming back for her baptism as well as Jeremy's. I just love these people! Also Kayce bore her testimony again, everyone always loves and comments about her testimony. She is one special girl. Also right now we have the best ward mission leader. His life is missionary work! Things are really hastening in The Colony ward- it's awesome! There are probably 30 ward missionaries who were recently called to help our efforts. We go on splits 3 nights every week. Oh also, our mission had 25 baptisms this week which is the 2nd highest goal in mission history! I feel so grateful to be serving here.

Well I think that's all I have to say for now! Love y'all! 

I hope Thanksgiving was an amazing one for all y'all. 

Much Love,
Sis Dalling

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