Happy Father's Day: Week 52 from Sacshe, Texas

Hey Everyone!!

Happy Father's Day to all those amazing men out there. Especially my daddy. You've done soo much for me I can't even put into words how much I love you. It was so fun singing at the lessons we had. Some of the highlights.. On Tuesday the zone leaders (e.munday&e.meads) came with us to teach Jennifer and Josh. I sang "Come, Thou Fount", one of my favorite songs. The spirit was really strong and it was a great lesson. My other favorite time was at Esmirna and Roberto's lesson. President and Sister Durrant came and to teach about The First Vision I sang "Joseph's First Prayer". The spirit there was undeniable and their family accepted the baptismal invitation! I seriously love that family so much. I also sang at the Specialized Training out east in Tyler, TX. I got to see Sister Nance! It was so much fun being the only sisters in a huge conference. Everyone loved the song. It was really sad seeing the Durrants say goodbye to those missionaries. Pretty soon President and Sister Taylor will be here. This week I'm singing at the Spanish Specialized Training as well as our S.Training on Wednesday and Friday! Singing at every lesson also made me miss my dad! Singing is what our family does. Some of our best memories are gathered around the piano or doing 'concerts' for mom. Even on school nights sometimes staying up until midnight singing while my dad plays piano. I love my dad, couldn't ask for anyone better. I'll always be your little girl!

Click here for Youtube song-->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4rZbfCNTpQ

I have the best parents in the world. I say over and over again, God really spoils me. I feel like God has put me in the most perfect conditions for me. He has the perfect plan and He's held my hand the whole way through. So I'm eternally grateful for my Heavenly Father.

I hit my year mark on Thursday! Cant believe it. Time is a funny thing, sometimes it seems so slow but then you realize a whole year went by in the blink of an eye.

Robert moved to Arizona. It was so hard saying goodbye. We've grown really close, especially through that experience with Judy. 

Jacob is doing pretty well. He's studying the Book of Mormon like crazy, he knows its true! There's just a lot of cultural pressure that is holding him back from baptism. Keep praying!

Going out east we got to ride with the Assistants and Elders Evan and Lee. It was so weird being in a van of elders! It was a lot of fun. Assistant Larsen even got pulled over on the way there. Luckily he just got a warning because he was following the speed on the gps rather than the posted sign..oops! The cop was a true Texas ranger though, it was really funny. Afterward we went to really yummy Texas bbq at this little place called Stanleys. It was sooo good!
Stanley's bbq! That burger was HUGE. and yes all those napkins are from wiping grease off. So yummy though.

On Saturday we did a free lemonade/bible/bookofmormon stand with a few companionships from the Zone. It was really fun. We made posters and got cars to stop by and see what we were all about. It was a great, fun, easy way to introduce the gospel.

This week we get to go to Tj and Kaycee Michalow's wedding!! The timing is just right that I get to go! Again, God spoils me. I'm so excited to see them sealed in the temple! It will be my first sealing. I just love the temple!

Can't believe I'm coming up on 6 months in Sachse! But I love it, it'll be sad when it's over. This transfer is already halfway through!
Thank you all for your prayers and support! I couldn't be happier!

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Compared to Oregon this isn't super out of the ordinary, but east Texas is so much prettier than the city. There are so many trees! I really feel deprived.