Mission Week 51: 1 Year in Texas!!:)

Where do I begin? 
While my family is in Hawaii, I get to be in Texas! 
It has been the best year of my whole, entire life. 
And it was a great week! I really do love Sachse. 

This one family we have been teaching is doing so well! That family is so prepared, it's insane. She knows the church is true because she's seen the fruits of it, especially in her husband's family in Mexico. They love the feeling at church and the gospel principles book. She just hasn't gained a testimony of The Book of Mormon yet, but she will in time. Because this family is so close, President Durrant is actually coming to their lesson this week when we teach the whole family for the first time.

Sadly, some other investigators have been reading a lot of anti material so they are struggling right now, especially with Joseph Smith. Pray for us this week! Only pure testimony and faith can overcome this. We've ran into so many people who are engrossed in anti material. It can destroy faith. In reality, you will find whatever you are looking for. If you want anti about anything, you'll find it. But man does not provide truth, only God does. If someone shows me anything that somehow proves the church is wrong, and the source is man, of course I will go to the true source, GOD. And God is my source, strength, and foundation of my life and testimony. 

Our Jewish investigator is also doing really well. I can't tell you how amazing it is to be teaching someone from Israel. He has fig trees in his backyard from seeds from Jerusalem and seriously that fruit is so amazing! He also says he knows the Book of Mormon is true! However it's going to be a hard journey for him because in their culture and the town he's from, if you switch religions, the entire town and family shun you. He needs a lot of prayers and faith. 

We had an amazing meeting with Robert. He had such an inspirational experience with Judy as she was dying. He just felt so close to the veil. He could tell she could see those of their family that have already passed away. We felt really strongly that Judy has accepted the gospel and will help Robert the rest of his journey. He moves to Arizona this next week. 

One of my best friends, Elder Munday, on the mission is really sick and might have to go home. He's been sick for 14 months but has made it this far. Doctors have examined and tested and haven't found the source, but he's going to see one of the top doctors who is a member next week. He could use a lot of prayers though. 

I have to share an experience that happened last night! We had a little bit of time left before we  had to go home, so we went to the parking lot to contact a few more people. The first two people we talked to were Jewish. We talked to them for like an hour, mostly about the Book of Mormon, an atheist joined the conversation for a bit AND a Jehovah's Witness who came to thank us for our work (he thought were jw at first). So that's just a small experience to show you just how much religion is here in Texas. It's crazy.

One more thing.. next Sunday is Father's Day! I love my daddy so much. It's so hard to believe I've been away from my family for a year. It hit me this morning, especially because I haven't seen my precious Emily in so long! Ok anyways, so for Father's Day I decided I'm going to give something to the best dad in the world. Sister Durrant challenged us to do give of our time or talents. So this week, every lesson I am going to sing a song in honor of my daddy. I'll let y'all know how it goes next week! 

And I get to go out East this week for Specialized Training to sing I Love Jesus Christ! I'm so excited to see Sister Nance!! We get to ride with the assistants for 2 hours each way. Such an honor to be able to do this. 

Well I love y'all! 

Sister Dalling