Happy 4th of July from The Colony, Texas!

Week 2 I made it!  It really has gone by super fast. I've been loving every minute of it. So many miracles I can't wait to tell! 

Monday- This guy named TJ called us. He said he recently moved into the area and has been inactive for 10 years and feels like it's time to come back so HE asked us if we could come over haha so of course we squeezed him into our schedule! He is super great and we love him.

Tuesday- My mom looked up my address on google earth and thinks I'm in a nice area..but technically that is Lewisville and not really my area. I live with the Stake President's family which is super nice. My area is The Colony and it has some nice parts but mostly it's really sad. Way too many people are barely making it and so often there houses are very humble when we are invited in. I love the people though. Most of them rely so heavily on God, they are so prepared for our message. We contacted a referral named Amy. Her dad died recently so her aunt and uncle asked us to teach her the Plan of Salvation or what happens when we die. It was an incredible lesson. She was telling us about her life and it was absolutely horrifying some of the things she's been through. I feel so so blessed. It's incredible how much peace the gospel can give you if you just accept it. We hope to be working with her a lot- she seemed really receptive. On a happier note we got to serve a lady in our ward today really good friend is living with her and might be interested in the gospel. I love service by the way, it makes the mission so great. I just had to share the funniest sight I've ever seen. Just imagine they have like 6 dogs. Everyone in Texas has dogs- I  love it! So 2 of the dogs are collies and they have been trained to run on the treadmill! But one of them likes to go backwards and make herself run into the wall haha she does it over and over it is the funniest thing.

Wednesday- This was definitely a harder day.. Our bikes kept falling over because we had too much stuff in our baskets. My basket broke, all my things fell out... but luckily a member happened to be driving by just as it happened and took our things back to our house. It just seemed like everything was going wrong that day though. Thank God for hard days because they make you appreciate the good ones SO much more.

Thursday- Happy 4th of July!!! Pretty much my favorite holiday! I was so sad I couldn't spend it with my family and friends, but I had such a good 4th. We had a huge ward pancake breakfast..at 7am.. but lots of our investigators and less actives came so it was tons of fun. Later we went to the festival at the lake. Texas goes big for the 4th! I mean huge- it was incredible. Of course just because it was a holiday doesn't mean it was a break. We got so much done! We passed out around 300 pass along cards! We also had people come up to us and ask more about it. We were able to meet some really amazing people. I'm only writing this because it was actually really funny and everyone told me it would happen.. This group of guys in their low 20's came up and got cards from us. One of them had THE biggest crush on me. His name's John and he did everything he possibly could to find out my first name and get to know me, but I kept bringing it right back to God haha. I made him read the introduction to the Book of Mormon or he had to go away. He was pretty funny. I told him he could learn from elders somewhere haha so eventually he left. This other lady we were definitely meant to meet just melts my heart. She talked to us about how she loves her Catholic church, but she had a baby out of wedlock and the Father there wouldn't let her baby be baptized. She felt like God was punishing her baby for her mistakes, and she didn't understand. She could not stop crying so we scheduled a time to meet with her this week and explain how much God loves children and that her baby is perfect and she can be cleansed from all that guilt and sorrow. I feel so lucky to carry this message. The rest of our fourth was pretty uneventful. We had curfew at 9:30 so no fireworks, but we got so much done.

Friday- My favorite miracle of the week :) The Relief Society president always gives us a lengthy list of less actives no one knows about so if we have time usually we go visit one of the names. We went to visit a girl named Maria. She wasn't home but her younger sister and father asked us to come in anyway. The dad doesn't speak any english so it was kind of awkward but we decided to get to know Maria's younger sister (17) Cinthia. I asked her how she knew God was real. She teared up and said she knew because He changed her dad's life. We weren't sure what that meant but we continued the lesson anyway. She would get very emotional every time we told her how much God loved her. I felt an overwhelming love for her from God. When we shared with her Joseph Smith's vision she said she knew it was true. We asked her if she'd be baptized and she said yes through many tears. August 24!  We are so excited although she might have to be transferred to the Spanish elders because of her dad. We called the Spanish elders and they said her dad had been baptized

Saturday- This was a really hard day. We had to drop one of our investigators because of an incident involving alcohol I won't go into. I had a really really hard time doing this. But the insight I found in Preach My Gospel on this subject gave me so much comfort. I can't think of it as dropping them, but rather preparing them even further. Often times people need several interactions with the church before they are ready. We did our very best and that is all God asks of us. 

Sunday- Sundays are crazy busy actually. It was fast sunday and testimony meeting was great. A boy leaving on his mission this week was in Serena's BYU ward and told me about her mission call after sacrament meeting!!! Mexico! So proud of that girl. It's difficult being a missionary at church because literally every member wants to talk to us, but we have investigators who come every week who need our full attention. Sunday dinner after fasting is always a struggle haha. I stuffed myself to the max and completely regretted it. I love Sunday though. 

I've had about six mosquito bites and another bite that is so swollen and in pain I'm going to have to get it checked I think haha. West Nile is real here... The weather is super hot, but I actually really like riding bikes believe it or not it keeps me energized. All day every day :) I miss everyone so much! I pray for y'all and think about you often. I know this church is true and God is helping me every step of this journey. Oh just a side note that's not too important..;) MY COMPANION AND I BROKE THE RECORD FOR MOST LESSONS TAUGHT IN A WEEK IN OUR ENTIRE MISSION EVER :D 52 aw yeahhh. 

Here are a TON of pictures unfortunately I can only send a few at a time.

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