Week 5 from The Colony, TX

I am so sad this transfer is almost over! It's been such an incredible experience. It has literally flown by. I went to the zoo with some members for P-day today so unfortunately I don't have much time left to email. I will try to cover the highlights. 

I have the best companion in the world! She is so strong and such a hard worker. We found out she had a kidney stone on Thursday. We had to go to the emergency room and she was basically out til Sunday morning when it finally passed. It was such a blessing it happened so fast though! The doctors said it could have taken a whole week, but she received a Priesthood blessing and it all worked out. I felt completely awful because there was nothing I could do to help her! While she was in the ER, I went Visiting Teaching with a member in our ward. The family we taught really opened my eyes to true suffering. That family has been through so much! The dad died suddenly from cancer the day after the mom had her 8th child. She raised them all while being a teacher and running a tutoring service. She never remarried because he was the love of her life. She is now 76 and the doctors say she has literally worked herself to death. Her family must have very bad luck in health because most of them are handicapped in some way. There was such an amazing spirit about them though. With kidney stones and seeing people who can hardly function on their own, my appreciation for The Atonement grew even more. I can not imagine what Christ went through just so he could simply succor His people and save them from their own nature. The pain is too much to grasp. It brings me to tears to think about everyone's individual pains multiplied together to amount to what Christ went through. I am so thankful to be able to give people the chance to have all that lifted and know that there is someone who understands every pain, sickness, and sorrow. 

On a much happier note, we were able to go to the Sikh temple yesterday! It was such a cool experience! It was literally like stepping into India. I love being able to experience all of these different cultures. We were able to go with our Sikh friends. We had to cover our heads with scarves and were able to see how they worship. They all eat together twice! It was absolutely delicious and unlike anything I've ever tasted. It was very different sitting on the floor for most everything. They also had live Indian music which was my favorite part. 

My favorite lesson this week was with Alan. He is the one who called us after 10 years of inactivity. Two lessons ago he told us he decided not to get the tattoo he was SET on getting. The last lesson he told us he didn't drink his usual coffee that day. He is sure to tell us not to get too excited, but at the same time we can see a complete change! He knows what is best for him, he has a testimony of Christ and knows that we wouldn't be given commandments unless it will better our lives, he just forgot for a while. He came to church Sunday and is just progressing so much. I'm not sure if I shared this but he brought his girlfriend to the 4th of July breakfast and after she told him if he was planning on going back to the church, she wasn't going to remain with him. So he broke up with her! What an amazing example of someone who recognizes how truly important this gospel is. 

We also went running with Jared- the part member who's wife is from Russia. He has two adorable toddler twins and he is the poster guy for Iron Man. But really. If you look up "Hotter than He**ck"- its a triathalon- he really is the poster guy. We went running Tuesday morning at 6am with a group of people training. It was intense, but such a good bonding time with him! He will come back to church in no time and his wife will soon realize the gospel is true! 

Wish I had more time, but that's it for now! Next week I'll have to send more pictures because we had some incredible experiences at the Sikh temple and the zoo. Every day I'm so thankful to be serving the Lord on my mission. I can't express my gratitude that my Grandpa is back home from the hospital. I love my family so much. I know God is in control, I just have to remind myself to trust Him each day. 

Also I was soo happy to see the Smith family a few days ago!! I love the wonderful, small world we live in. She was my YW leader in NC so many years ago ;)

Just in case y'all happen to send a letter around transfer time which is next Tuesday here is my mission address so that it doesn't get lost in the mail: 
Sister Kristina Dalling
Texas Dallas Mission Office
13747 Montfort Dr. Suit 120
Dallas, TX 75240