Week 4 from The Colony, TX

Looked too much like Oregon.. I had to take a picture! 

We get to live with two adorable dogs <3 Bonnie and Klyde

the crazy ridiculous rainstorm 

this house was literally right beside a trailer park.. in the middle of no where. We tried to contact the owner but of course it was gated :p

This newborn puppy peed on me.. yeah. good thing I love dogs

Hey y'all! This week I don't have as much to say unfortunately. It's been kind of a rough one, but nonetheless a great one!

On Monday, we had dinner with our Chinese investigator and her family. They speak very little english so we had a lady (Sis Wood) who served a mission in Hong Kong come with us. The dinner was INCREDIBLE. Sis Wood took a pic of it so I'll have to ask her to email it to me. It was authentic, homemade chinese food. The only downside to this wonderful dinner was that in their culture you are expected to eat everything they give you, which wouldn't have been a problem except they kept piling our plates with more food. I have never eaten that much in my entire life. It was literally five plates filled to the brim that we were expected to eat.. it was painful. And after that we had fruit for dessert! It was honestly a miracle I could do it. Believe me, I was praying the whole time. So I guess Sister Wood said their conversion is possible, it will just be a very long term process. They are the sweetest family and we are so willing to put in the effort! 

On Tuesday, we had a training meeting so I was able to see my district people from the MTC. I love them! Our training was great. I love President Durrant. He cares so much about us missionaries. Also that night we were out knocking doors and we ran into an amazing girl named Mayra. We basically taught her the first lesson on her porch. We had the craziest thunderstorm on Tuesday. We were coming out of WalMart (sorry Downey's;) and it was sprinkling then all of a sudden it was pouring down sheets of rain, but it was warm so it was basically a shower. We ran to our car in less than a minute and we were completely drenched to the bone! I loved it. I never thought I'd say I miss the rain, but I do! Last week was such good weather. We've had a very lucky summer. 

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty uneventful. We did lots of planning. We've been trying to create a system so that members are doing most of the finding and we can do all the teaching. We have been spending so much time trying to find people and they don't have the proper support system in the church, so we end up dropping a lot unfortunately. So until we get this system into place, numbers will probably be pretty low. That's okay though! I don't really like numbers anyway, I just like working and seeing what happens because of that work! 

On Friday we did a lot of service for Andy. Ever since his wife died, his house has been falling apart, so we did a lot of cleaning. It's so incredible being able to do little things for people that mean so much to them. Two hours of cleaning is such a small part that we can do, but for Andy it means so much more. It reminded me of my mission scripture Alma 37:6 By small things, great things come to pass. We taught Mayra The Restoration in greater detail and it went amazingly. She is so close to the spirit and wants to get closer to God. Unfortunately her mom is a very very strong Catholic and wouldn't allow her to come to church on Sunday. Mayra said she'd even want to get baptized on Aug 24, but since she is 17 she would have to have her mom's permission. So I have high hopes that someday Mayra will join. She's absolutely adorable. I really hope her mom softens her heart. Also parking lot contacting is pretty much my favorite thing to do. We meet the coolest people, and get to talk to about 40 every time we go. It's like instant gratification. 

Saturday was a really fun day. We watched The Work of Salvation again at a members house. She is from Italy and is the loudest, funniest, and one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet. Love her! Her daughter who helps us a ton is going to Brazil on her mission. That night we went and helped at our bishops house for his son's wedding reception. They were such a cute couple, but it reminded me of how grateful I am not to have to worry about any of that for 18 months. 

I can't believe I've been on my mission over a month now! Seventeen more to go, and it's already going by way too fast. This week all of my dreams were about missionary work, so my heart's in the right place. It's such a good feeling knowing I am where God wants me to be. There have been times in my life when I felt good about where I was at, but nothing compares to the assurance that I was meant to be a missionary. This work is so important. I love sharing the gospel with people, I wish I did it more when I was home. It's so inspiring to see lives change from the precious message I get to share. I love my companion and I'm so sad this transfer is almost over! 

Here are some quotes I find inspiring for this week:
"A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What one can be, one must be." -Abraham Maslow

"When there is no peril in the fight, there is no glory in the triumph." -Perre Corneille

"Be still, and know that I am God" D&C 101:16

Someone in Texas loves you!!! 

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