Kristina's 1st letter from The Colony, Texas!

Hey y'all! It's so hard to figure out timing for these letters. I wish I had time to write everyone individually, but as I've learned time is very precious. You would not believe the week I've had! It's been incredibly hard but at the same time so amazing. My companion is Sister Hansen. She's the BEST. She's been out 10 months now and in this area (The Colony) for 3 months. I was so nervous about having a hard companion, but I couldn't have asked for better. We work together perfectly. So our zone has been the lowest baptizing zone in the mission, but I'm determined to change that! It's a super hard first area, but The Lord knows I can handle it. I'm still waiting for Him to convince me that I can handle a bike the 100' a skirt.. in high humidity..I have never felt sun like this. I drink like six water bottles every day. I also already have the worst tan lines! It's incredibly difficult work, especially when lots of  people aren't home during the day. I'm guessing we bike around 6 miles throughout the day- that might even be low. But somehow we make it through the day. There have been times when it seems like everything is going wrong, but we just laugh about it. Laughing is like manna for the soul haha it keeps us sane. Although it's hard there have been moments every day that makes it all worth it. 
Our investigators are sooo amazing. It's incredible how much I love them after just meeting them. Aimee and Jeremy are probably my personal favorites. Jeremy is getting baptized August 10th with his daughter Daisy! We are so happy for them. Aimee was baptized at 8, but when inactive her teen years and went down the wrong path. She and Jeremy recently decided they wanted to raise Daisy in a good church and Aimee remembered how great our church was so she went on and found us! We started out working with just Aimee and Daisy- the dad wasn't interested at all during the first lesson, but eventually he started joining every lesson! Now he's getting baptized and says he believes it's all true. They are such a beautiful, strong family. Aimee is a cancer survivor and her trials in life make mine look like a piece of cake. Jeremy has recently been her anchor thanks to his new faith. It's so incredible seeing the blessings of the gospel change a family firsthand. I love them. 
This other girl we are working with is 18 and her name's Cindy.. She's had I think 2 lessons in the past, but with our last lesson we retaught The Restoration. She's been coming to church for a long time with her aunt, but has never felt ready to be baptized so we invited her to read The Book of Mormon and pray about it and she'd get an answer. Yesterday at church I asked how it went and she said she got an answer! - funny how that works ;) 
Also there have just been times when we felt like we needed to be somewhere or stay on a certain street and we end up teaching The Restoration to a person who happens to come right to us! So we have a lot of potential investigators. On Saturday, it's usually really hard finding people I guess because everyone is on the lake or a waterpark. It's way too hot to simply be at the normal park and nobody stays home. So we were having no luck. We prayed and I kept having the thought to go to a parking lot, but I thought that was silly it was too hot nobody would want to talk in the parking lot. However I eventually told my companion and she said Walmart would make the most sense. We split up and I had the feeling to go up to a lady sitting in her car. Long story short she is super prepared! She's moving into our area Aug 15 and said we could come teach her. We talked forever getting to know eachother and she's had lots of mormon friends so she knows a lot already. Her names Vanessa and her husband is Patrick so hopefully that leads to something! 
The hardest thing I've had to do this week, physically at least, was a service for a lady in our ward. She's freshly divorced and her ex was pretty awful and we ended up shoveling a huge pile of dirt(clay) into a wheelbarrow and dumping in a field. It took us about an hour and a half in 102 degree weather. I have never worked so hard in my life, but it was so worth it. It was a surprise and it meant the world to her! 
The people here in Texas are so great. Most of them have such a great faith and love for God. Everyone wants to do Bible study and talk about religion, but sometimes that makes it hard for them to accept our message.  There are also some people with very strange ideas out there.  One lady said she believed in mermaids and one other investigator said he believed in vampires.  So with mermaids and vampires I just couldn't keep it together. I was literally biting my tongue and praying not to judge the entire time.One last normal/crazy story. We had to drop a potential investigator:( It was sad but we couldn't help but find the humor in what he said. He said he honestly didn't want to join or anything, he just wanted to see my companion because she looks like Lindsay Lohan haha. 
Dallas is great. 
Church was awesome. The members are amazing. We are fed every single night! I live with the Stake President so it's a super nice home. Give people that address because the mission home mail only gets to us like once a month for zone conferences. I love you all. The letter I sent is a bit outdated so when I reply to letters it will be a lot better. Fill me in on your life! I love you all so much, but I love being a missionary. I LOVE it. I'm so thankful for this opportunity to serve God 24/7. It's exhausting, but so worth it. I'm serving with everything I have. Be strong at home and know I think of y'all every chance I can.

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Sister Kristina Dalling
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