WE GOT A CAR!!! Letter from Sister Alleman (host family for Sister Dalling & Sister Hansen)


I wanted to send all of you this picture of your beautiful missionary daughters standing in front of their car!  It was quite a celebration around here when they found out that they would be getting a car!  It just seems like many prayers have been answered.  It has been getting very hot and yet, your dedicated daughters would still ride their bikes out in the oppressive heat.   Now they have a car to get them around, as well as members of the Ward who are still willing to give them rides if needed.  The members in our Ward have fallen in love with your daughters, they are both amazing missionaries!  We feel so blessed to have them with us. 

They both have beautiful voices and we often get to hear them singing hymns together which is wonderful.  And Bro. and Sis. Dalling, we have given your daughter hugs and she truly does have a beautiful smile and has brought such a sweet spirit in our home.   And Sis. Hansen has developed such a “missionary heart” and shares the Gospel with everyone she meets.  We are so impressed with how hard they both work—they are up each morning very early and work all day long.   

We appreciate your sacrifice and the support you give your missionary daughters and hope that you are enjoying many blessings from their Service.  Thank you for raising such great missionaries who radiate the Spirit and who are doing such a great work here in The Colony. 


Sis. Alleman