Week 10 The Colony, Texas, "Opposition In All Things"

Hey y'all!
The lesson I have learned most on my mission (over and over again) is that there must be opposition in all things. It seems like everything that could go wrong, does. I have tended to forget all the miracles I see because of the hard things. But I am growing every day, and now I can more clearly recognize all of God's tender mercies He has given me. There's no reason to focus on the bad because at the end of the day, I'm left with SO many blessings!

However, there is one crazy story I have to tell just because it turned about to be quite an event. Last Thursday was our planning day. It was a completely normal day, at the end of planning we went out to knock on doors. It was 105 degrees at 6 o'clock.. However Sis Hansen and I are very good at drinking water and we've been in much worse conditions on bike so we didn't think anything of it. We were out maybe half hour and we knocked on a lady named Norma's door. We had a somewhat lengthy doorstep conversation because she had some different ideas about law versus grace. I was sharing my experience with Christ and following His commandments and all of a sudden Sis Hansen collapses! I turned around, she luckily fell onto some short bushes instead of the cement, but she was pale white and unconscious. Jess and I rolled her onto the cement, and as I dialed 911. I was absolutely terrified at the entire situation. The ambulance came right away. I am quite proud of how I kept it together til they got there. I asked the men in Jess's house to get some damp washcloths and a pillow. Sis Hansen was bleeding on her face and her hands from the fall, so I made sure it was controlled. Then, when the paramedics got there and I stepped away, it all of a sudden became very real and terrifying. Sis Hansen has became the best friend I've needed and it was so scary seeing her like that. When she came to, she was hyperventilating, cramped up, and was not very cognizant of anything. They checked her vitals and got her on a stretcher in the ambulance. I got to ride in the passenger seat up front, so that was kind of fun actually. I made a few calls that were necessary to the mission president and his wife as well as a lady in the ward I knew could handle the rest. She followed the ambulance all the way to the hospital and made sure to call the elders to come give Sis Hansen a blessing. She was a huge blessing. I was too overwhelmed to handle much at the time. Basically the rest of the night was spent at the hospital. A lot of oxygen, IV fluid and a blessing brought my companion back to normal. Overall it was 5 hours at the hospital. The mission president even made an appearance. I was so happy to go home that night, I can't even express it with words! We never really found out what problem, but the important thing is, it's all good now. When you have a companionship like Sis Hansen and I, we are basically called on a mission to the doctor's office ;) It's been quite the transfer.

But. After all that craziness came a shower of blessings. We had so many people at church that we invited! It was such a good Sunday. We are working with so many who are progressing with little effort on our part. I absolutely love the people I've met. It's just been incredible being able to share my feelings about the gospel and Jesus Christ and witnessing the outcome of it. The biggest miracle I've seen- which I fasted for- was with a part-memeber family we are working with. The mom has been less active since high school and has a 15 year old daughter and two sons who are 4 and 5. Her husband isn't interested at this time, but he's very nice. They came to church! But that wasn't even the miracle. Her two boys are THE craziest children I have ever met. I absolutely adore them, but every time we go over they throw things at us, hit, and cause huge distractions. They are also the sweetest boys at times. They were absolute angels at church. They behaved so well! The daughter even is good friends with one of the young women. It turned out to be an incredible experience for them. So thankful for the many miracles and blessings I've been a part of.

Til next week!


Sis Dalling