Week 13 from The Colony, Texas: Wake me up when September ends..:)

Hello everyone! First off, the most important part, my new address:

5008 Pemberton Ln. 
The Colony, TX 75056

I'm now living with Sister Garcia, whom I adore! Her daughters are off at college so she's all alone and saved the day by agreeing to house us. She's this tiny ball of energy- everyone who knows her just has to love her. And she's a professional cosmetologist- so of course Sis Allred and I are enjoying that. I honestly feel like God spoils me no matter where I go. He must know I need it. It's an outright miracle I haven't been homesick like I was when I left for college. I will go where He wants me to go of course, but for now I am very happy with where I'm at! Oh and fall is so incredibly nice here in Texas! It is undoubtedly my favorite season. 

I absolutely am in love with The Colony. I'm so excited I get another transfer here. So many miracles are happening. In October we are expecting at least 3 baptisms! John- Oct 5, Daisy- Oct 12, and Byron- Oct 19. We've labored for so long, and now God is blessing us with weekly baptisms. It's one of the best feelings in the world to know that I'm making a difference here. The ward simply can't believe the success we've had. 

John has such a sweet story. He's 84 years old and has been married to a member for over 40 years. He never gave any thought to being baptized his whole life until in January he had a really bad fall and needed heart surgery and a hip replacement. He had a blessing by some elders and he said he could feel the power of God exude from that blessing. He said the church that has that power is the true church on the Earth, and ever since then has been begging to be baptized. Since then he's made a ton of progress health-wise and can finally walk, so we have been teaching him the lessons. He just eats up everything we tell him. He loves it! He ordered a large print Book of Mormon and studies it for hours each day. Every lesson he expresses his deep desire to marry his sweetheart in the temple as soon as he can. His baptism is going to be amazing. 

The Davis family- Daisy, Jeremy, and Aimee- are doing so well! They come to church every week, have family prayer and scripture study, and are such a cute family. We are so excited for Daisy's baptism. She's 9 years old and incredible. When we asked what the spirit felt like, she said it feels like there's love everywhere inside you. Her parents really loved that answer. They are also so excited to be sealed as a family. I can't wait to be at that sealing. 

Byron is also a great story! He's dating this wonderful member in Denton, TX outside of our mission actually, but he lives in The Colony. He's been going to church regularly with her for a month. He's a history major and absolutely loves The Book of Mormon because of it. 

I feel so blessed to have these people in my life! There are so many more miracles to come. The huge challenge we are now facing is working with Little Elm as well. We are so busy in The Colony and Little Elm is kind of far and there's not much work going on. That will change of course, we just have to find the right balance. October is going to be such an amazing month! I'm so excited to be a part of such an important step in these people's lives. Thank y'all so much for your continued prayers, letters, and thoughts. 

God Bless all y'all and each y'all!

Sister Dalling