Week 12 from The Colony, Texas

 Since I thought I was getting transferred, I got pictures with a few awesome people :)

My district!! Elders Walters, Wills, Stewart, Rowland, Briggs
Elders Briggs, Wills, and Walters :)

Bethany- a friend of The Stocks in our ward who will get baptized as soon as she figures work out!

Sis Wilson-  Love her. She accidentally colored her hair purple this week and didn't realize until saw herself in the mirror at work! 

Jared- the triathlon guy

It was a crazy weekend! We couldn't figure out housing for the longest time. Up until yesterday afternoon, I was going to have to be transferred to Allen 4th Ward. Luckily the Bishop was inspired and found someone we could live with. I get to stay here another transfer, but sadly Sis Hansen is going to Plano 6 and 8 wards. Oh another bit of change is now I cover Little Elm as well as The Colony! So my area doubled in size. It's going to be a very busy transfer. We have two baptisms coming up in October for Daisy (hopefully Jeremy) and John. The fruits of the work are finally showing. 

It's been an incredible transfer nonetheless. A mission of miracles- especially with my incredible companion and friend. I'm going to miss her so much! It was so sad thinking I was going to leave everyone in this ward as well. One lady in our ward who's husband is not a member yet came up to me on Sunday crying because we were both leaving at the time and her husband is finally beginning  to open his heart to the gospel! They have 5 boys under the age of 12 and we have stopped by and done fun lessons with them occasionally, but for whatever reason Sis Hansen and I have been the first missionaries to impact him. All it comes down to is loving the people I think. It broke my heart thinking I would have to leave. They were going to have some spanish elders who lived a town away try and cover The Colony until housing could be figured out, but that would not do. Luckily God is on our side, this is His work, so He made it possible for me to stay. My new companions name is Sis Allred. I have no idea who she is, but I'm sure we'll have another great transfer ahead. 

Also it's THE weirdest thing to me that It's still nearly 100 degrees every day and it's the middle of September. Well we have to get everything ready for the next sister. I'll be at this address this week I believe, but I'll have to update my address next week for yall. If a letter is sent here when I'm already gone, it's not too bad because I can just come pick it up. :)