Week 14 from The Colony, Texas

So excited it's October tomorrow! Fall is so incredible here! It's weird to me that below the 80s is chilly now. However I really love the crisp air and the colors of fall so I couldn't be happier. This week was great, but it's so hard to wait for the coming weeks ahead full of baptisms!

John's is this Saturday after conference! We are so excited for it. He's probably among the most kind, sincere people I've ever met. He loves the gospel! He loves God so much. This past week he told us another detail that helped with his conversion. In 1946 he served in the Marines. He knew a man named Ray who was an LDS marine serving along with him. He noticed whenever they went out to get drinks, Ray would always just drink milk. Ray was made fun of a lot, but stood for his beliefs. He also never judged anyone else for what they were doing and seemed to love everyone. He remembers that to this day! John, at the age of 83 now, has a somewhat limited memory, but he remembers Ray perfectly. He asked us if there's any way of contacting him all these years later to tell him about the baptism. I've heard miracle stories of this happening, but you have to have a lot of access and all we know is he's from Evansville, Wyoming. That would be quite the phone call though! John also asked if I would sing at his baptism. Of course! I'm so excited for my first baptism.

The Davis family is doing incredible as always. Daisy was in the Primary Program on Sunday- it was SO cute. Now that we are covering both wards, we actually had the pleasure of watching both Primary Programs in one Sunday. Best Sunday ever. It's so touching to see how much those kids know. They know who they are and more importantly they know God and of His love for them. At such a young age! How incredible.. It brought tears to my eyes watching The Colony's primary program because I've grown so close to so many of those kids! The Lewis boys- who WILL get baptized if I have anything to do with it hehe, the Riegal boys- who have never been to church until we started visiting their mother, Daisy of course, and this little girl named Emma who reminds me so much of my Emily! I feel so lucky to be a part of their lives.

The other really fun thing we just started doing a lot is service! Little Elm has so many opportunities. We volunteer at the animal shelter and the Food Bank. The animal shelter is so fun! We literally just play with and socialize all of the animals and give them baths if needed. I am just in love with this husky there. We even include in our prayers now that they will all find good homes soon. Volunteering at the Food Bank is incredible. It's so sad, but it gives me a good perspective. Some people can't even afford the bare minimum of essential food. This is an emergency food bank and it doesn't have a ton of support, but it saves lives! So many people came in the morning we helped out. Lots of families would go hungry without it. It was so humbling to see what others have to endure and what they need are things I've always taken for granted. I made sure to thank the Lord super good that day for the food I had. It felt so good to make a first hand difference.

I better get going, but the Relief Society Broadcast was great! I love this church with my whole heart! I'm so excited for conference.

Love y'all and thank y'all for all your support!

Sister Dalling

P.s this picture was from our first week together so since then I have died and cut my hair haha. I'll post pics next week.

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