It's My Birthday!!!! 20 years (Week 44:update from Sachse, Texas)

 Part of my birthday present was this incredible sign. My favorite quote- "In God's plan there are no endings, Only everlasting beginnings." 20 years ago my eternal life with the best parents began.. I'm so lucky! 

All my chocolate... well there's more..but this is what I felt like taking a picture of. And yes that is a Jesus chocolate. And yes, that is organic healthy chocolate in that bag! I found the answer to my addiction! This is even healthy! It has no sugar. Just dark chocolate and honey. My goodness I love it.

First of all.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA LEATHAM! I love you so much! I've loved you since the day I was born, and for eternity before then as well. I feel so blessed to share a birthday with such an incredible woman. I look up to you so much! You are the most amazing blessing to our family. I hope your birthday is so wonderful. I'm sending you hugs and kisses!!

and Yes it's my birthday too! It's been a great one so far. I really do have the best family. All I wanted was a letter from each of them and they definitely exceeded that expectation! And thank everyone for all the birthday email! I feel so loved! Out of all the presents I've been given, probably 90% of it was chocolate. People know me too well. God, love, and chocolate. Those are my basic needs and wants. I love my family and friends! I really have been so blessed to be surrounded by the most incredible people. Wow. Also for my birthday I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON. Wooh! Perfect timing. Wow, I love that book!
I can't believe I am 20 years old. I seriously feel so old today. I am no longer a teenager! I don't even know how to be 20! But I'll take it one day at a time. And now I want to take a moment and admire God's hand in my life. We had interviews this week and Sister Durrant spoke about what a huge blessing the 'age change' was for so many. I thought about it. It changed my life. Completely turned it around. I couldn't help but cry because God literally loves me so much, He lowered the age at the exact moment I needed it. He once again saved my life. My mission is and forever will be the best choice I ever made. I heard a story from someone in our ward. His brother taught the deacons a long time ago and told them if they went on missions he would pay them $500. All but one went, and he said it was worth every cent! It is most definitely. The same man taught a group of primary girls. He gave them each a dollar and said they could spend that dollar or they could save it and if they got married in the temple, he would pay them each $100 if they brought back that $1. What an amazing man! And I love the emphasis on missions. My future marriage would not be the same if I didn't serve a mission, I know that for a fact!

So we had such an amazing week!
We found 5 new investigators. It was such a huge miracle. Two of them are super solid, too. One lady and her family were a referral from the Evans. Her husbands family all joined the church within the past 10 years. Her whole side of the family is Catholic, so they get pressure from both sides. She wants to investigate and see which one fits her family the best. What an amazing mother! Then we are teaching another lady who was a referral from the Bishop. Her story is incredible. So she is 45 and is fighting colon cancer. She goes through intense chemo treatment and it's really affecting her and her family's life. Her biological father died when she was very young. She never knew his side of the family, but 5 years ago she was doing family history work on her father and his side of the family (who are all members) found her! They told her she should get a blessing, so they contacted our bishop. He then asked her the willing and brief invitation and BAM we are teaching her! She is such a strong woman. She really has lived a difficult life. The gospel will help her so much. It's so amazing to be able to know and love her.
Robert hasn't been to church in 3 weeks...pray for him and Judy.. :(
John Cook is pretty sick.. I need prayers.
The Riegals are going to church and the father is taking the lessons! Prayers answered!
Byron ran into anti material...prayers. 

We had a ward talent show on Saturday and Sister Reboquio and I wrote more words to the Cup song/Called to Serve. It was really good, everyone loved it! We also spoke on Sunday. Everyone said they loved that as well! Interviews were great. Those were the last interviews the Durrants will give before they leave! Crazy. They asked me to sing at that meeting as well. I've been able to sing practically every week! I love it! I heard David Archuleta is home.. crazy!

My companion is incredible. She's doing so good! Her life is such an example. Her foster parents are the mission president and his wife of a mission in the Philippines. Her family is in too much poverty to take care of all the kids, that's why she is fostered. She converted to the gospel at age 10 and a lot of her family is less active now. Seriously she is so strong, I love her! She is such a blessing to me. I thank God every day.

Ether 12:27 is my scripture of the week!

"Pure Christ like love flowing from true righteousness can change the world." Elder Holland

I love y'all so much! All y'all and each y'all. Thank you so much for such a wonderful birthday.

Sister Kristina Dalling

Sorry everyone but I had to get evidence of this!

This is my gigantic spider bite. Yep, it's 2 weeks old and still nasty. You should have seen it last week. This seriously looks like it's healed a ton. The story: We were just outside and my arm started itching, I scratched it barely and my skin started peeling. Then I had a huge bump and it was red and my skin was raw. It was disgusting. We tracted into a nurse last week and she said it was a spider bite and that I was super lucky and I should have seen a doctor. Apparently spiders here in Texas can be very dangerous. And this was a huge spider. Those are the bite marks, pretty gross right? Good thing I didn't die! Just kidding ;) It's fine, just kind of horrible looking.

p.p.s. Also! This is completely unrelated but when the group of missionaries that Sister Reboquio entered with came into the mission, one of the new sisters came up to me. She said 'don't think this is creepy or anything but I know all about you! I stalked your blog ever since I decided to serve a mission.' Made my day! Seriously-haha. This is such a small world. Thought y'all would enjoy that!