Week 39 Update from Sachse, Texas!

Hey y'all!

Another week of miracles! To be honest, I've had to really look for the miracles this week, but regardless they were there! It was a trying week.

For example, Tuesday we had 5 lessons planned and all of them fell through or cancelled! So we basically knocked on doors all day every day. It was exhausting! But it builds character- haha.

On Friday, we had Specialized Training with all the English missionaries. It was really great to see everyone! Oh, when I saw Sister Allred, she told me her grandpa passed away two weeks ago. So keep her in your prayers! Can't imagine how hard that must be. So during the training, President Durrant told a story about how a missionary's parents and older brother visited Dallas for business but wanted to see their missionary. They didn't want to distract him, but chose to watch from afar all day. He told two scenarios, the first was of a missionary who wasn't working as hard as he should have been and it made the parents and brother really sad. The second scenario was that they were so proud to see him working with all his might. At the end, we found out the parents were our Heavenly Parents and Jesus Christ, our elder brother. It was such a powerful story. And it really rang true to me. God sees everything I'm doing, He sees all my hard work even though sometimes nobody else does because we don't have success in numbers. God and Christ know my potential and they are with me every step of the way. I really needed to hear that this week!

So Sister Stephenson and I made a goal to contact as many people as we could the rest of the week. In one day, we talked to 100 people. We had a total of 202 contacts for the week. Usually missionaries have a hard time reaching 100 for a total week. It was a lot of hard work and we are exhausted now, but it was so worth it! And it was incredible realizing God and Christ were watching me and were with me every moment.

We even tracted a neighborhood no missionary has knocked on prior because it was gated. As missionaries, gated communities are one of our biggest enemies. I think every missionary gets the police called on them at least once. The police have come twice already in my 9 months! So in this gated community we ran into a few houses that had gates that led up to the door as well. Sister Stephenson and I asked each other if we should still unlock the gate and knock on the door, and after a few moments we came to the conclusion that we definitely should! Why were we fearing what man could do? Why were we scared of a simple gate? My motivation was found in a simple thought that entered into my head "Please don't let a simple gate stop this person from hearing My gospel.. I love this person, and I suffered everything for them so I could heal them. Please don't pass this chance up for them". It felt so good to knock on that door, even though it didn't lead to anything! Christ was rejected too, He was scared too of how bitter the cup was. I can do my simple part in giving everyone the chance to feel that healing, to come to Christ.

So I learned a lot. I grew a ton this week and I am so grateful for that!

Also President Durrant asked a favor of me! He asked an elder and I to make music to a poem President wrote. I'm going to sing it at a meeting in May or June. I was so honored when he pulled me aside and asked! He said I've become the official TDM vocalist. I'm so excited for this opportunity. I love my mission!

Expect more miracles next week!


Sister Kristina Dalling

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