Week 42 Update From The Sachse, Texas: "Because of Him"

Click here to watch "Because of Him" video
This is in honor of Frozen. We've heard so much about this movie and the soundtrack is the best thing ever! So we built a snowman at Bahama Bucks ;)

While we were tracting, we knocked on a house with a pet pig! Only in Texas..

Joakim's baptism! Look at all these sister missionaries.. I would call this a sister success ;)

Remember this picture posed way back while we were teaching him? Yep, we created it again on his baptism day! I love these people so much. 

Sunsets here in Texas after a thunderstorm are just breathtaking. I love Texas!

Bluebonnets! True, wild, Texan beauty

Transfer 3 in Sachse here we come! Sister Stephenson is being transferred, and she's really sad about it, but I know she'll enjoy discovering a new area. So I'm going to be training this transfer! I'm going to be a mom (aka the title missionaries give the sisters that train a grennie sister missionary)! I'm super nervous about it. I feel like God is trusting me too much. It'll be a good experience and I know I'll grow a lot from it. I  hope I can be a good trainer! I really can feel her parents' prayers asking God for a good first companion for their daughter. So no pressure!

We had such a good week last week! Joakim's baptism was one of the best experiences on my mission! I've learned so much from him, it was incredible to see him make these changes and show his faith in Christ. He was confirmed Sunday and received the priesthood all in the same day! Couldn't have been a better weekend! For celebration we went to a Japanese sushi restaurant which was unbelievably good! I didn't even know I liked sushi that much. Amazing stuff!

It's been really hard finding new investigators who really have a desire, so I'm hoping the new 'greenie faith' coming in will help with that. I'm so ready to find more success in Sachse! I'm also super excited for Easter! It's such an incredible holiday! The fact that Christ lives changes everything. It's impacted my life in ways I can't describe. Because of Him I am here today. Because of Him I have hope. Because of Him I WILL live again..with the people that matter to me most- my family. I love Easter! And I love Jesus Christ! Also there's a super good Mormon message called Because of Him. Y'all need to watch it. <Click here> And share it with everyone!

So Texas really showed her beauty this week. The bluebonnets are blooming everywhere! They are insanely beautiful. We've been getting a lot of thunderstorms too. And heat lightening! I absolutely love it. God's creations are so incredible.

One of my favorite members from The Colony sent me a letter and included some quotes that I just have to share! I loved it. Thank you Sister Dali!

"Nobody else could do what you can do right now, right here." Sis Dali
"I've learned a few things about this path we're all traveling. We are exactly where we need to be. And crawling is fine."

Much Love,

Sister Dalling