Week 40 from Sachse, Texas!

Women's General Conference was AMAZING! 
It was such an amazing way to end a week of complete miracles. It was so incredible to think about how my mom and sisters were watching it along with me. I felt so close to so many amazing women who have influenced my life in so many ways. I absolutely loved how much they talked about standing as a witness of God at all times, in all things, and in all places. I hope I can always do that throughout my life. I'm called to represent Jesus Christ full time right now, but I hope I can always stand for Him. The errand of angels is truly given to women. And I loved how they invited us not only to love more, but to love better. That was SO powerful. It was also an answer to my prayers when they talked about our true identity and our true nature. I've heard so often about our fallen nature and the natural man is an enemy to God. Thinking about all the times I've fallen short and witnessing so many who have also fallen short and don't even know it- it's taken a toll on me. But when they talked about how our true identity and nature is a disciple of Jesus Christ, a daughter of God it meant so much to me. I also loved how Elder Eyring talked about how we need to see people as children of God, in the way God sees them. He opened up my eyes to just how much potential God sees in me. He said he sees more potential than even what my earthly mom sees in me. And she's one of my biggest fans along with my dad.

So now that y'all know how much I loved the Women's Conference, I'll tell you a little about my amazing week. We found 7 new investigators and received the best news EVER. JOAKIM IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's been taught for like 8 months and has finally received the answer to be baptized. We had an amazing lesson on temples and family history. Man, I love the temple! And after we asked him to pray to know if he should be baptized. The next day he called us and asked if we could meet. We were so nervous, I thought he was dropping us or something. My heart was about to break when he said "sisters, I need to tell you something.." then he said "I want to be baptized and become a member of your church." AHHHHHHHHH. Could not believe it. So he's going to take this next step on April 12! We and all the other sisters who have taught him couldn't be happier. I'd like to say I had something to do with it, but it was all God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost.

It was just such a good week. And you wouldn't believe the theme of our new investigators. For some reason God led us to 4 teen moms to teach. Two pairs and two completely different houses but we happened to find them all and all of them were receptive. So weird! One is pregnant still and one got married the day before she gave birth. It was really an incredible thing to feel God's love for them as we taught them about The Restoration and about our Savior's love for them. God is so great! He is an awesome God.

Oh and I got to have a surprise call to my parents! President Durrant let me call them while I was practicing the song we are working on. What a tender mercy! And then the Evans- who are awesome- took a video of us and sent it to them. I hope my family knows how much I love them! And darling Emily, I wish I could've talked to you but I will soon.. in May! By the way, I'm only quitting chocolate for 21 days.. so no worries about my easter package! Pack it with chocolate! I am addicted, and so I thought it would be a healthy choice to build some resistance to it. ;)

Well I love y'all! I'm loving my mission! Can't believe this transfer is almost over!

Until next week,
Sis Dalling